Chamodent For Teething Problems In Children

ChamodentTeething is a process of eruption of teeth and it could be a difficult time for babies. Teething starts at the age of six months and the first tooth appears between the ages of four to seven months. The first teeth that appear are the bottom front teeth followed by upper front teeth. There are twenty milk teeth and they appear when your child reaches the age of two or two and a half years. When teeth start appearing babies undergo several symptoms. In some babies teething does not produce many problems whereas in others it may cause several health problems. Parents and babies have to suffer from a difficult time. Babies have a continuous desire to put something in mouth and chew. Diarrhoea during teething is a common problem and it may last for few days. Parents have to remain cautious so that the baby may not put anything wrong in the mouth. Parents buy teething aid for babies to chew on.

Teething is a necessary phase of life and parents become hyper when their child has dentition. There are natural remedies that greatly help children in easy dentition. Parents should take some precautions when children are erupting teeth. Some children show symptoms during eruption of first four teeth.

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Teething symptoms

In some babies teeth grow without producing any symptoms. In some cases you may notice that the gums become sore and painful to touch. Parents should know these symptoms so that they may help their child during teething. Child may become fussy during dentition and parents have to remain calm and should use different ways to calm down the child and help to ease their child from dentition problems.

  • There may be redness of the gums where the teeth is likely to appear.
  • There may be dribbling of saliva or watery fluid from the mouth and your baby chew everything that is put in the mouth.
  • Some children have fever and diarrhoea during teething. Child may become irritable and wants to be carried all the time.
  • You may observe that the gums become hard to touch and some swelling may be present in the gums.
  • Your child put finger in the mouth and chews constantly to get some relief.
  • Child may not sleep at night due to pain.
  • Child may have flushed face and red cheeks.

Homeopathic remedies for teething

Chamodent is an excellent homeopathic product for teething of children. It consists of wonderful homeopathic remedies for teething. The homeopathic remedies in chamodent help children in easy eruption of the teeth. These remedies give quick teething relief without producing any side effects. Important homeopathic remedies for teething found in chamodent are:

Belladonna: It is an excellent homeopathic remedy for teething problems in children. It gives relief from redness and soreness of the gums. It gives relief from pain and swelling of the gums. It is indicated when your child suffers from gnawing pain, there is grinding of teeth with red hot face. Child may cry due to pain and there is swelling of the face during the eruption of teeth.

Chamomilla: It is one of the best remedy for teething problems. It is indicated for children who are restless and cry all the time. It is given when child is irritable and have pain in the stomach. It gives quick teething relief by calming the mental state of child. It relieves diarrhoea easily without producing any side effects.

Ferrum phosphoricum: It is indicated for fever and teething pains in children. It is recommended for watery stools that may occur due to teething. Stools may contain undigested food particles and baby is restless during sleep. It is also indicated for inflammation of the gums.

Hepar sulphur: It is a wonderful homeopathic remedy for painful gums. It improves the symptoms of dentition quickly. It helps in giving relief from diarrhoea and pain in abdomen. It may be given for sore and inflamed gums. It relieves inflammation and soreness quickly and helps in easy dentition.

Pulsatilla nigricans: It is indicated when there is presence of flatulence during teething. You may hear rumbling sound in the abdomen of your child. It is indicated for watery stools which are yellowish green in colour. It is given when your child cries frequently due to teething pain.


It is recommended to give two to three tables three times in a day. If your child suffers from acute symptoms, then four tablets may be given every hour till the symptoms subside.

Home remedies for teething problems

You may help your child by using home remedies during teething. Home remedies are very effective and give quick relief. Home remedies are safe and help your child to erupt teeth without any difficulty. Home remedies help your child to get relief from pain and inflammation without getting any side effects. You may have to carry your child all night. Some useful and easy home remedies for teething problems in children are:

  • You may rub your finger over the sore gums of your child to sooth the pain.
  • Teething rings are helpful and give relief to babies. You may give a cold teething ring to give relief from pain and swelling.
  • You may give hardened bread, carrot pieces to chew. This helps to increase the strength of the gums.
  • You may also give frozen foods such as cucumber, piece of apple to chew and it gives relief from soreness.
  • Take a wash cloth and place in the freezer for half an hour and give it to your child to get teething relief.
  • You may rub vanilla extract over the inflamed gum till baby gets relief. It is an excellent and quick home remedy for teething pain.
  • You can put drops of chamomile tea on the inflamed gums of your child to give relief.
  • You may apply some clove oil on the inflamed gum to relieve the inflammation and pain.
  • Mothers can nurse their child when baby cries due to pain during dentition. This will give quick relief.

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