Daphne indica 1x For Tobacco De-addiction

Daphne indica 1xEvery smoker knows that smoking tobacco is dangerous for health. They know that their habit of smoking could lead to serious health problems and ultimately death. Smoking habit is one of the dangerous habits that could lead to different types of cancers. It may also cause respiratory problems in people who smoke. Many people know all this but still they are not ready to quit smoking. People who smoke become addictive to tobacco smoking. Tobacco cigarettes also contain nicotine which is very harmful for health. It may block the respiratory tubes and cause obstruction in breathing. Many people want to quit smoking but they are not able to find the right way. People who become chronic addictives of smoking are not able to give up their habit of smoking. If anyone wants to quit smoking, then he should have firm determination for quitting smoking habit. Sometimes withdrawal symptoms are very violent due to which people do not like to quit smoking. There are some yoga exercises that may help people to deal with the reduced habit of smoking.

Causes of Tobacco addition

Every smoker has a different story and how they get into this habit. There are some main reasons that lead people to the habit of smoking. Some of the common reasons are:

New smokers start with experiments under peer pressure or curiosity. They want to cope up with their new friends, try to adapt to their habits and want to try what is new in smoking a cigarette. Many smokers realize that this is not for them because they become ill when they try it for the first time. Many people are not able to make through this stage and they make it their habit.

Once a person starts smoking, then as time passes it becomes their habit. They keep a pack of cigarettes in their pocket. They start smoking in the public often and it no longer remains a party affair. It becomes difficult for a person to get out of this habit once they enter this stage.

Slowly smoking becomes an addiction and now a smoker does not have any choice. They start smoking early in the morning as soon as they get out of the bed and then smoke throughout the day. Smoking becomes an important part of their life.

Till the time smokers realize that smoking has overpowered them, it gets too late because they cannot think of quitting smoking at this stage. They desperately want to quit their habit but all efforts go in vain. Some people achieve success due to family support and Friends Company but others give up trying because they are not able to succeed for long years.


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Medication to stop smoking

There are some good remedies that are simple and natural that help people to quit smoking without producing any harmful effects. Homeopathic remedies help in tobacco de-addiction without producing any withdrawal symptoms. Daphne indica is a homeopathic medication to stop smoking. It helps in tobacco de-addiction quickly. Daphne indica is an excellent remedy that helps to prevent the withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking. It acts on tissues, muscles, bones and skin. There are sudden lightening jerks in all parts of the body. It is also recommended for people who are unable to sleep. It may be caused by pain in different parts of the body.

Natural ways to stop smoking

If a person has a strong will power, he can quit smoking easily. Full determination is required to quit smoking. Here some natural ways to stop smoking are given that may help smokers to quit smoking without getting any withdrawal symptoms:

A person can make effort to quit smoking by making some dietary changes. Some important guidelines are given below to make changes in the diet:

Smokers should not eat foods that are acidic. Smokers should take more alkaline foods. This helps people by changing their food preferences. Foods such as dandelion, raisins are good for people who want to quit smoking.

Vitamin C is very good for people who want to quit smoking. Vitamin C helps in tobacco de-addition because it helps to boost up the immunity and also increases the hormones that increase the strength of the body. Therefore, smokers should drink one glass of orange juice everyday to quit smoking.

Honey is also a good food to eat for smokers. Honey may be taken in different forms by the smokers to quit smoking.

Food eaten by smokers should be balanced and contain different nutrients in proper amount. One should include vitamins, proteins, minerals and other ingredients in proper amount to get rid of smoking.

Smokers may put one tea spoon of baking soda in one glass of water and drink it after every meal. It helps in proper digestion of the food as well as reduces the craving for smoking after food.

Home Remedies to Quit Smoking

There are many home remedies that may help you to quit smoking easily. Home remedies are absolutely safe for people who do not want to take any medication for quitting smoking. Some useful home remedies to quit smoking are:

  • If a person has an urge for smoking, he should lick some salt on the tip of his tongue. The craving will go away and if a person does this every time when he has a craving, then slowly he will completely get rid of his habit of smoking.
  • Take one radish and strain its juice. Add one tea spoon of honey to this juice and drink it two times in a day. This is an excellent remedy for people who want to quit smoking.
  • Liquorice root is also helpful in quitting smoking. One may keep this root in his mouth to get a feeling of smoking. This is an excellent alternative to cigarette smoking and is absolutely safe.
  • Breathing exercises also help in quitting smoking. When a person has an urge for smoking, he should sit at a calm place and take some deep breaths to avoid smoking. This will slowly help in boosting the immunity and reducing the craving for smoking.

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