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GO TOX DROPSDetoxification is a process which involves cleansing of the body from harmful chemicals. It may done by using natural remedies, through exercising, dieting, or through meditation. There are different conventional remedies available over the counter that helps in detoxification through the process of chelation. Detoxification helps in the elimination of unwanted products or chemicals out of the body. Detoxification involves different enzymatic reactions that solubilise the toxins and neutralize the chemicals to prevent your body from infection. Excess chemicals, hormones, vitamins, and other unused products are eliminated from the body by the process of enzyme detoxification. Detoxification is necessary for maintaining balance in the body. Toxins may enter human body through different processes and it is necessary to eliminate these toxins from the body to prevent diseases. Toxins can disrupt the normal functioning of different organs and also lead to the development of cancerous cells. Most toxins enter your body through diet. Some individuals are also exposed to heavy metals which are inhaled from the environment and can cause metal poisoning. Bacteria and viruses may be taken in via food. There are some food products that may increase the risk of entry of harmful substances into your body. Respiratory organs are a common way through which microorganisms or toxins may enter your body. Dust, smoke and air that we inhale contain large amounts of microorganisms that may produce toxicity.

Building material such as cement, dust, sand also increases the risk of toxicity. It is very important to avoid exposure to these chemicals and irritating substances to prevent certain diseases. If it is not possible to avoid exposure to the chemicals then one should take remedies for natural detoxification. Detoxification basically means cleansing of the blood. It helps in removing the harmful substances from the liver. These harmful substances are eliminated through kidneys, lungs, intestines and skin. But when these systems do not work properly, then it may lead to development of severe health problems.

How detoxification helps?

Detoxification is a natural cleansing process and it works in the following ways:

  • Fasting gives rest to the organs to recover from stressful situations.
  • It helps by stimulating liver to eliminate the toxins out from the body.
  • It also helps by initiating elimination through the kidneys, intestines and skin.
  • Helps in improving the circulation of the blood to all major organs of the body.
  • Helps in providing healthy nutrients to all parts of the body.
  • Detoxification helps because it helps in understanding the needs of different cells of the body.

What are symptoms to go for detoxification?

How will you know that your body needs detoxification? There are certain symptoms that may indicate the need of detoxification. Common symptoms that may occur when there is a need for detoxification are:

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Irritation
  • Allergies of different kinds
  • Infection in different parts of the body
  • Swelling under the eyes
  • Women may experience menstrual problems
  • Mental irritation and disturbance
  • Loss of sleep
  • Decreased appetite
  • Fullness of the abdomen

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Homeopathic Detoxifier

Natural remedies found in homeopathy greatly help in natural detoxification of the body. Homeopathic detoxifier does not produce any side effects. Homeopathic remedies help in eliminating the bad effects of smoking and bad effects of alcohol from the body. Go tox drops are a combination of homeopathic remedies and is a wonderful homeopathic detoxifier. These drops quickly help in removing the bad effects of smoking and bad effects of alcohol from the body. One should take Go tox drops regularly for complete detoxification. Go tox drops consist of the following homeopathic remedies for detoxification:

Kalmegh: This is an excellent homeopathic remedy used for detoxification. It helps in purification of the blood by eliminating chemical substances from the body. It helps in improving the appetite and boosts up the immune system to prevent recurrent infections. It is a natural homeopathic detoxifier that eliminates chemicals from the body.

Avena Sativa: This is a wonderful natural homeopathic remedy for complete detoxification. It improves liver health and thereby improves digestive and metabolic processes in the body. It initiates the enzymatic activity in the body for removal of chemicals by the process of chelation. Avena sativa is a wonderful remedy for weak individuals who may feel better by taking this homeopathic remedy regularly.

Stramonium: This is an excellent homeopathic remedy for detoxification in smokers and alcoholics. It helps in removing the bad effects of alcohol and bad effects of smoking. It improves the digestive functions and helps to get rid of withdrawal symptoms. It detoxifies the liver and prevents cirrhosis of the liver.


It is recommended to take 10-20 drops of Go tox drops in one fourth cup of water two times in a day.

Home remedies for detoxification

One may use home remedies for detoxification at home. Home remedies are very useful for detoxification. Some useful home remedies for detoxification are:

  • The best way is to do fasting. Fasting helps in renewing the functioning of major organs and prevents your body from bad effects of toxins.
  • It is not advised to reheat the food products in plastic containers. It may increase the toxicity of the food.
  • Choose fruits and vegetables that are grown through organic methods of farming. Avoid eating fruits and vegetables that are grown by using harmful pesticides and insecticides. Fertilizers are also harmful for human body. Wash fruits and vegetables properly to remove the effects of chemicals sprayed on them.
  • Avoid eating processed foods that contain artificial preservatives and harmful chemicals.
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and fibre diet to remove chemicals through natural processes.
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day as water is a natural detoxifier and helps in removing chemicals from the body.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C as it helps in boosting up the immune system naturally and prevent your body from recurrent infections.
  • Include daily exercise or breathing techniques in your everyday routine to let more oxygen enter your body. Deep breathing exercise also helps in increasing the circulation of blood to all parts of the body.

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