Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) – Dibonil Drops

Dibonil DropsDiabetes is a metabolic disorder that is caused due to imbalance of the insulin hormone produced by the pancreas. In general terms, there is increased level of sugar in the blood in people who suffer from diabetes. There are two types of diabetes. One is diabetes type 1 and other is diabetes type 2. In diabetes type 1, there is no production of insulin by the pancreas. This may occur due to some genetic disorder and mostly occur in children. Diabetes type2 occurs in adults due to lifestyle. In diabetes type 2, pancreas is not able to produce sufficient amount of insulin hormone to metabolise the glucose. As a result glucose level increases in the blood. People suffering from diabetes often have to take insulin injections or medications to lower the blood sugar level. These remedies and injection may produce effects on other parts of the body. Diabetes is a life threatening ailment and it may lead to improper functioning of other organs if not controlled.

Causes of diabetes

Different types of diabetes have different causes. Some of the causes of diabetes are discussed below:

The main cause of diabetes is defective immune system. When an immune system start destroying the cells of the pancreas, a person may develop diabetes. This is an autoimmune reaction. Any specific cause is not known but it may happen due to some viral or bacterial infection, toxins present in the food, genetic predisposition or familial tendency of diabetes.

Diabetes type 2 is caused by many factors. Some of the important factors that contribute to the development of diabetes type 2 are:

  • Overweight is a contributing factor for development of diabetes type 2. Obesity is one of the major causes of diabetes type 2.
  • Increasing age can also cause diabetes in some individuals.
  • Imbalanced diet is an important cause of diabetes type 2. People who are involved in eating junk and fried foods may suffer from diabetes.
  • People who are living a sedentary life, and do not do any exercise are more prone to suffer from diabetes type 2.
  • Any other illness may also be responsible for diabetes type 2.
  • Some individuals take too many unprescribed medications that may cause diabetes.
  • Women suffering from other hormonal disorders such as hypothyroidism, PCOS, may also suffer from diabetes.


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Symptoms of diabetes

People suffering from diabetes may present a large number of symptoms. Some of the common symptoms presented by diabetic people are:

  • There is increased thirst especially at night
  • There is increased urination during night
  • Desire for eating sweets
  • Vision is diminished
  • Appetite increases
  • People with diabetes may have increased fatigue. There is feeling of weakness and tiredness
  • People having chronic diabetes may suffer from eye problems such as dimness of vision, cataract, etc.
  • Skin becomes dry and cracked
  • There is tingling and numbness of the extremities due to weakness of the nervous system

Diabetes homeopathy treatment

Homeopathy is a natural or an alternative system of medicine and offers an excellent treatment for people suffering from diabetes. Dibonil drops are diabetes homeopathy treatment that consists of different homeopathic remedies to control blood sugar levels without producing any side effects. Dibonil drops are an alternative medicine for diabetes that stimulates the pancreatic cells to produce more insulin for regulating the level of blood sugar.

Acidum phosphoricum: This is an excellent diabetes homeopathy treatment. It helps to balance the blood sugar level naturally by stimulating the pancreas to secrete more insulin and metabolize the blood glucose. It also gives relief from numbness and tingling of the fingers.

Gymnema Sylvestre: This is an excellent homeopathic remedy for diabetes. It decreases the signs and symptoms of diabetes. It reduces the urine during night. Patient feels comfortable after taking this remedy regularly. This remedy increases the strength of the nerves.

Helonias dioica: This homeopathic remedy is a useful alternative medicine for diabetes. It controls blood sugar by stimulating the pancreatic cells to secrete more insulin. It gives instant relief from numbness and tingling of the extremities. It is also a good remedy for the dryness of the skin which is produced due to high blood sugar.

Syzygium jambolanum: This is a wonderful homeopathic remedy for diabetes. It is prepared from the seeds of jamun and is an effective alternative medicine for diabetes. It does not produce any side effects and controls blood sugar effectively when taken regularly.

Cephalandra indica: This homeopathic remedy is proved to be one of the best homeopathic remedy for the treatment of diabetes. This may be taken along with other conventional treatment for diabetes. It decreases the other signs and symptoms of diabetes. It also prevents the eyes. It increases the flow of blood to the extremities thereby reducing the tingling and numbness of the extremities.

Crataegus oxyacantha: This is basically a heart remedy and prevents any ailments of heart. It is a good remedy that helps diabetic people to prevent heart ailments that may arise due to high blood sugar levels.

Abroma augusta: This homeopathic remedy for diabetes control blood sugar naturally. It helps to control the excessive thirst and urine. It is also a good remedy for skin problems. It reduces the dryness of the skin. It may be given regularly to the diabetic people along with other conventional treatments as it does not interfere with other remedies.

How to Use Dibonil

Take one fourth cup of water and put 10 drops of dibonil drops in it. Take it half an hour before meal, three times in a day.

Precautions for Diabetes

People suffering from diabetes should maintain a healthy lifestyle. They should maintain a regular exercise program to control blood sugar. Diet should be balanced and restricted. Diabetic people should strictly avoid any intake of sugar. Diabetic people should drink more water to neutralize the effects of increased sugar in the blood. It is very important that they should take proper sleep at night to feel fresh and healthy. Yoga and meditation can also help in controlling or regulating the level of blood sugar.

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