Obesity – A Concern

Obesity The ever increasing queue of people outside weight reduction therapy centres is a living example, indicating the magnitude of population that is canopied under the dark branches of obesity. From story book machines to magic pills, the remedy prescribed to obese people ranges from superstitious to outlandishly illogical.

Understanding obesity

Obesity is a type of malnutrition. Yes, you read that correct. Though the conventional visualization of malnutrition about a black cadaverous child from third world nation doesn’t go in hand in hand with this definition obesity, we on closer analysis comprehend that obesity indeed, is a kind of malnutrition – an over nutrition, which leads to agglomeration of unwanted fats on unwanted parts of our body.

Nobody is alien to the threats posed by obesity. From blood pressure, cholesterol, lousiness and other heart ailments, the effects of obesity can be social as well as psychological, harming one’s self esteem and confidence. Though improper diet is the major cause of obesity, a host of other are known to exist. These include stress, diabetes, alcohol consumption, thyroid problem, insufficient exercise and sleep.

How can homeopathy help in fighting obesity?

It’s worth noting that balance physical exercise and proper diet are the two cementing pillars against obesity. There is no substitute to either of them, yet there are a few supplements, which when administered methodically, may help us in staging a valiant fight against obesity.

Questions have always been raised about the potency of homeopathic medicine in fighting obesity. While the outcome of administering a homeopathic medicine may not be astonishing, yet eventual and steady positivity in result are often guaranteed. That been said, a lot depends upon the patient’s body composition, habits and exercise pattern.

As we’ve noted earlier, obesity may arise from a host of reasons, and there are different medicines which cover these aspect of diabetes by administering these reasons individually. Not only does homeopathy helps in fighting obesity, it consolidates few major systems in our body, including the elementary system, the digestive system and the metabolic system. These three are the main pre-requisites for losing weight.

Homeopathic corrective therapy requires a detailed history of the patient including family’s eating patterns, individual preferences, and genetic diseases running in the family. The benefit of homeopathy is that it cures obesity from the roots, rather than fighting the symptoms to reduce weight, it tries to eradicate the possible measures which cause weight gain in an individual. Perhaps the most compelling advantage of homeopathic medicine over conventional medicine in fighting obesity is the absence of side effects in the former.

We’ve talked about the various aspects in obesity and that each medicine administers a different aspect. These aspects include – the urge to overeat, excessive perspiration, indigestion after taking certain foods, disturbed liver and digestive functions. With proper consultancy, the correct medicine for every aspect can be easily obtained. So there it is. Steady and safe weight loss therapy is just a step away.

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