Stress Management – Micro Aspect

Stress Management In a country, where every second person suffers from anxiety or other derivations of it, it becomes imperative to have a broad-spectrum knowledge about stress management. There are two aspects to stress management – marco and micro. The marco aspect deals with long term stress managements techniques whereas the micro aspect addresses the stress instantaneously, comprising techniques to provide prompt relief. Here we shall have a look at instant stress relieving methods.

1. Catch it by its head

Doctors and work consultants around the world have confirmed that the weakest link in the stress chain is at the begin of the cycle and that where it should be tackled from. The substantiating question that one should ask ‘is it worth stressinf over?’ If the answer is no, you already know that is the end of the cycle. If the answer is ‘yes’ , read on to find more ways.

2. Be sure about yourself.

Being sure about one’s feeling can kill the stress bird before its flight. There are times when it’s that we are tired and tend over-think which leads on to stress. Just a sum I thing your feelings can propel you into tranquility. Ask yourself if you are really overwhelmed or it’s the exhaustion in you.

3. Perfect your posture

A powerful body language will lighten your mood. Just look into the mirror and strike some confident poses and feel better. The scientific. A bad posture is likely to cause strain in your shoulder and back, sulking your mood. This will further add to your stress.

4. Switch your phone off

Stress may arise from a number of reasons, people being one of them. Thus keeping away from people, cutting all contacts for sometimes can amazingly lighten your mood. Even if the reason behind stress is non-living, the continuous nagging of your phone induce more stress in you. Keeping the company of yourself can do wonders.

5. Take a decision

Continuous pondering over one decision can cause stress. While we maintain that big decisions should be thoughtful, small decisions can be made for the sake of self happiness. Again ask yourself is whether the stress level is equivalent to the significance of the decision, It is worth noting, that the decision made should be solid. Fickle-mindedness is harmful.

6. Engage in Activities

Remember that long lost hobby of yours which brought a smile on your face. Somewhere the aura faded, right? It’s time to bring it back. During stress, engage in some activities no matter how silly they appear to be. It will surprising know that a smile will automatically be propelled on your face. Playing three-legged race with your cousins is not a bad idea!

7. Meditate

Now we don’t want you to always sit in that cross legged posture and close your eyes, even taking deep, serene breaths can lighten your stress. The key to meditation is to sit comfortably projecting all your attention to your deep breathes – away from all the disturbing thoughts.

We shall soon be back with marco stress management techniques.

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