The Best Times to Drink Water

Best Times to Drink Water From the ambience in which we live in, to the interior of our body, we all are encircled by water. Its importance can never be overstated and no one amongst us is oblivious to the benefits we incur from it. It is important to drink 8-10 glasses clean, contaminant-free water daily. More importantly, drinking water at the correct hour of the day can reap astounding health benefits. Following are the best times to drink water in order to obtain extra benefits. The results have been researched and tested.

1. Early morning, after getting up.

Replenishing water early morning refuels your body to get started for the day. A glass of cool water will not only energise all the body systems, it’ll also free the circulatory system from the stubborn free radicals and residues, accumulated as a result of burned calories during night’s metabolism.

2. Before Meals

This will help you in eating less than your diet, preventing you from gulping like a starving vagabond.

Remember the golden rule: Fill your stomach with 25% water and 50% food, leaving the 25% space empty for stomach juices to act freely, catalyzing digestion. Drinking water will prepare the stomach for the approaching meal, its lining will be moisturized and acidic food will not cause any problems.

3. Before and after a workout

Working out makes the body lose a lot of water, which needs to be replenished in order to prevent dehydration. The amount fluids lost during a workout depends upon a lot of factors including temperature, humidity and individual. The body needs to be prepared for this loss. Hence drinking water before and after a workout is strictly recommended. Water pumps the muscles preventing the formation of acids and bolstering the workout experience.

4. With medication

Few medicines are required to be administered without water. If your medicine does not fall under this category, have it water. The water will dissolve the medicine and distribute it rapidly through the system, thus facilitating their quick absorption. Water is also known to nullify the effects of harsh-side-effect-causing medicines.

5. Following exposure to infection.

It is advisable to drink more water when you are around sick people. Water will wash away the germs and infection that one may have had picked. Foreign bodies in our body are not allowed to settle down by a well-hydrated body.

6. During illness

Drinking water during sickness is an old school, yet effective way of fighting the infection. It is for the same reason that hospitals have drips installed, pouring water into the patient’s vein so that their body is always hydrated. Since the potency of medicines increase when consumed with water, the drips also serve as a medium for medicine administration if needed.

7. When feeling exhausted

On those busy days when you feel too tired and too busy to take rest, drink water. Water can reach your brain by quickly moving throughout the body. It activates the brain for the upcoming task and allows it to concentrate. A glass of cold water specifically, will startle your lousiness and keep you energetic.

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