Tonicard Gold Drops For Heart Problems

Tonicard Gold DropsIt is believed that men suffer from heart diseases as compare to women but this is not true. Both men and women suffer from heart diseases equally. If people are aware about the signs and symptoms of heart problems then the risk of heart diseases may be reduced to a great extent. Right knowledge is necessary for early determination of the heart problems. There are different heart diseases that may affect men and women. Oxygen and food are the two basic requirements of human body. Food acts as a fuel and oxygen is required for burning of fuel to get energy for the functioning of the body organs. Blood is the main part of the circulatory system that helps to transport food and oxygen to all parts of the body and heart is the main organ that pumps blood to all the parts of the body. The heart that has to work continuously for transporting blood to all body parts is the most important organ of our body. If heart stops working or becomes defective in its functioning then all other body functions also get affected. The number of deaths due to heart diseases exceeds the number of deaths caused by any other disease. The heart problems are related to the arteries, veins and flow of blood in the arteries and veins.

Causes of heart diseases

There are different causes that may give rise to different types of heart problems. The cause of heart problem may be different but its effect is same that the other parts of the body get affected when heart stops functioning. Some of the important causes of the heart problems are:

The type of diet that we eat and body weight plays an important role in causing different heart problems. People who do not take a balanced diet or include more fats in diet are most likely to suffer from different heart problems. Increased weight or obesity is also an important cause of heart diseases.

Deposition of cholesterol or fats on the walls of the arteries of the heart decreases the flow of blood through them. This decreased supply of blood is the major cause of angina pectoris or pain in the heart region, heart attack, dizziness, disturbed vision and collapse.

Any disturbance in the rhythm of the heart whether increasing the heart beat or decreasing it, and making it irregular produce heart problems. It may happen during heavy exercise, stress or depression.

The functioning of the heart is affected not only by the damage to the heart muscle but also by tension, fear and anxiety.

Smoking, lack of exercise, wrong eating habits and obesity are the factors that affect the functioning of the heart.

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Symptoms of heart problems

When a person suffers from heart problems there is a felling of discomfort and pressure in the chest. Some of the important symptoms that are experienced by people suffering from heart problems are:

  • Discomfort feeling in the neck, shoulder and upper back
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Sweat on upper parts of the body
  • Vertigo or dizziness
  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Choking sensation and indigestion
  • Rapid or irregular heart beat

Treatments of heart disease

People suffering from heart diseases have to remain on regular treatments. They have to take regular medication for proper functioning of their heart. These remedies may produce side effects on other parts of the body. There are safe and effective homeopathic remedies for heart. Tonicard gold drops are a combination of homeopathic remedies for heart that are safe and effective. Tonicard is an alternative medicine for heart disease and may be taken regularly for proper functioning of the heart. It is an excellent treatment of heart disease. Tonicard gold drops consist of the following homeopathic remedies for heart:

Cactus Grandiflorus – This is one of the best treatments of heart disease. This homeopathic remedy is the first remedy of choice for people suffering from any kind of heart disease. It gives relief from the constriction of chest. It is best recommended for people who feel tightness across the chest. It increases the supply of blood to the heart to relieve pain.

Crataegus Oxyacantha – This is an alternative medicine for heart disease and best remedy to be used for heart diseases. It relieved angina and increases the supply of blood to the heart. This homeopathic remedy helps to lower the blood pressure and it increases the strength of the muscles to give relief.

Convallaria majalis – This is also one of the best homeopathic remedies for heart and gives relief from constriction and tightness of the chest. It strengthens the muscles of the heart to pump the blood effectively to all the parts of the body. It is indicated for all types of heart problems in men and women.

Valeriana officinails – People suffering from heart problems or who are prone to suffer from heart problems should take this homeopathic remedy regularly to get effective treatment for heart disease. This is an excellent remedy for people who also suffer from digestive problems due to heart disease. It controls the rate of heart beat and high blood pressure.

Strophanthus Hispidus – This is also a well known homeopathic remedy for the treatment of heart problems. It should be taken regularly to get rid of heart problems. It relieves the constriction of the heart and provides great relief from tightness and pain in the region of the heart.

Aurum muriaticum natronatum – This is made from gold and is one of the top most remedy for the treatment of heart problems. All the symptoms of heart problems such as pain, constricted feeling, and tightness are relieved effectively by this homeopathic remedy. It increases the strength of heart muscles to pump the blood effectively to all parts of the body.

Camphora: This is recommended when a person suffers from nausea and vomiting along with pain in the chest. All symptoms are easily and quickly relieved by this homeopathic remedy. It is an excellent remedy for high blood pressure and sleeplessness that may occur due to high blood pressure or any other heart disease.

Dosage: Take 10-20 drops in half cup of water two times in a day half an hour after the meals.

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