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Wormorid DropsWorm infestations are common in children. Sometimes, adults may also suffer from worm infestations. It is very important to know about the symptoms that may help you to determine if your child is suffering from worm infestations. There may not be any symptoms at all but if you see that your child has some symptoms then it is important to get a stool examination done for definite diagnosis. Worm infestation is not good for health as a child suffering from worm infestations may not grow properly. There is increased appetite but the weight of the child may not increase even after taking proper diet. There are different causes of worm infestations. There are different types of worms that may affect an individual. The most common worms that may affect the children are hookworm and roundworm. Tapeworm is common in some parts of the world. When number of worms is less, there may not be any symptoms but when a child has heavy load of worms he/she may present with distinguishing features. Worm infestations affect the absorption of food thereby preventing growth and development in children.

Causes of worm infestations

There are different causes of worm infestations. Some of the important causes are:

  • If a child plays bare feet in the soil, then there is a risk of developing worm infestation. Soil contains different types of worms that may enter in human body through the skin.
  • Sometimes pork may be infested with certain types of worms that may enter your body when you consume infected pork or meat.
  • Unhygienic living conditions may also cause a threat to worm infestations.
  • Eating spoiled food can also cause worm infestations. One should eat fresh food always. Fruits and vegetables should be washed properly before consumption.
  • Frequent eating out can also lead to infection of the intestines with worms.
  • Polluted water can also be one of the important sources of causing worm infestations.

Symptoms of worm infestations

Children and adults suffering from worm infestations may present with variety of different signs and symptoms. Some of the important symptoms of worm infestations are:

  • There is continuous grinding of teeth especially at night during sleep.
  • There is constant itching in the anus and child wants to scratch at night due to presence of worms.
  • When there is overloading of the worms, you may see worms in the stool.
  • There is ravenous appetite or increased appetite.
  • There is reduced growth and development in children.
  • Child may become irritable and may complain of continuous pain in the abdomen.
  • Diarrhoea may be present with passing of blood.
  • Some children may do vomiting of food after eating food.
  • Child may complain of weakness in the whole body even after eating dull diet.
  • Some children show weight loss during worm infections.

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How to cure worms in humans?

It is very easy to get rid of worms in humans. Homeopathy provides safe worm treatment. Homeopathic remedies are safe for treatment of worms in humans. There are different homeopathic remedies that may be used for worm treatment. Many people want to get an answer for a question that how to cure worms in humans. The best treatment for worms in humans is a homeopathic product called as wormorid. This is an excellent homeopathic product that contains safe remedies for worm treatment. Wormorid consists of the following homeopathic remedies for worm treatment:

Cuprum oxydatum nigrum: This is an excellent homeopathic remedy for worm infestations. It helps to give relief from symptoms of worm infestations in children without producing any side effects. It helps in proper growth and development of children. This prevents recurrent worm infestations in weak children.

Santonium: This is a wonderful remedy for grinding of teeth in children. It gives relief from itching of anus and pain in the abdomen. It helps to boost up the immunity of children and prevent all the signs and symptoms of worm infestation. It also helps to improve the behaviour of the child which may get disturbed due to stomach infection.

Chelone glabra: This is another homeopathic remedy that is found useful for any type of worm infestation. It gives relief from pain in the stomach due to worm infestation. This remedy prevents continuous diarrhoea in children due to intestinal infection.

Filix Mas: This homeopathic remedy is useful for individuals who suffer from recurrent worm infection. It helps to boost up the immunity and gives relief from symptoms of worm infestations. Children who have weak immunity and have increased appetite may take this remedy. This helps to enhance proper growth in children.

Home remedies for worm infestations

You can also use home remedies to prevent worm manifestations in children. Some important home remedies for preventing worm manifestations are:

  • Garlic is a wonderful remedy for the treatment of symptoms of worm infestations. You may make a paste of garlic and mix with Vaseline. Apply it on the anus to prevent itching due to worms. Garlic is useful because it has anti inflammatory and anti septic properties.
  • Eat one tea spoon of well grated coconut in the morning with a glass or warm milk to get rid of worm infection.
  • Take half glass of warm water and add one tea spoon of honey to it. Also add half glass of raw papaya juice to the mixture and drink it every day in the morning to get rid of worm infection.
  • You may boil bark of pomegranate tree in water. Boil this and let it cool afterwards. Strain the mixture and drink the water to get relief from symptoms.
  • Fruits such as blackberries, pineapples, papaya are good for reducing the attacks of worm infections.
  • Take almonds and pumpkin seeds and grind them together. Eat one teaspoon of this mixture every day to avoid worms’ infestation.
  • Avoid alcohol and excessive coffee as these may increase the itching of the anus.
  • Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating.
  • Trim the nails of children regularly to avoid any dust that may stick into their nails.
  • Drink water from safe source only and avoid any contaminated food or water.

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