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Alfavena Malt Immune system is protective for our body and it helps to protect us from different diseases. Immune system consists of different cells, tissues and organs that protect us from foreign substances. Foreign substances may enter our body through various means and we have a strong immune system, then we may rightly fight against these disease causing organisms. Strong immune system is necessary to prevent the entry of harmful microbes such as viruses which do not human body if they get a chance to enter once. If any of the harmful microbes gets a chance to enter in human body then a strong immune system plays its role in eliminating these disease causing organisms from the body. Immunity is a force that protects our body against harmful microbes and there are different parts of our body that plays the protecting role. White blood cells form the most important part of our immune system. There are T cells and B cells present in our body that attacks the foreign substances and prevents their entry. They produce specific antibodies against particular antigens and these antibodies remain in our body to prevent further attack of the same antigens.

People suffering from low immunity are not able to cope with the diseases and they are easily attacked by the harmful microbes. Sometimes, a baby is born with immune deficiency diseases but it is not evident for a longer period of time. There are some infections and diseases that may lower the immunity. Some medications may also lower the immune system and make you prone to recurrent attacks of infection. When a person has low immunity, he/she becomes susceptible to recurrent attacks of infective diseases. Such people are more prone for contracting different types of infective diseases and their body may take a longer time to recover from such infections.

Symptoms of low immunity

There are certain important symptoms that may indicate the low immunity. Some of the important symptoms that may help you to determine the presence of an immunodeficiency disease are:

  • Person having low immunity may suffer from recurrent attacks of infection.
  • People having low immunity may not respond to the given treatment quickly. It makes take longer to heal the infection or the underlying disease.
  • Some infections may reside inside the body permanently and never leave the body when there is weak immunity.
  • Person having low immunity are compromised for suffering from chronic diseases and they can easily develop diseases such as cancer.

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Homeopathic treatment for low immunity

Homeopathy plays an essential role in boosting the immunity. Homeopathic remedies are safe to boost immunity. Alfavena malt is a combination of homeopathic remedies and it is an excellent immune system booster. This natural tonic helps to boost immunity by providing essential nutrients to the immune system. Regular intake of Alfavena malt helps to maintain proper physical fitness and mental health. It is a natural tonic and immune system booster. Alfavena malt consists of the following homeopathic remedies to boost immunity:

Alfalfa: This is the best homeopathic remedy to boost immune system. It helps to increase the strength of muscles and prevents recurrent infection. It is an excellent remedy for growing children who are weak and sluggish. Regular use of this homeopathic remedy helps to boost immunity and prevent recurrent attacks of cold and cough.

Avena sativa: This is another homeopathic remedy that helps to boost the immune system. It is suitable for people who feel weak. There is extreme fatigue in the extremities and there is no desire to do any work. It is indicated for people who suffer from disturbed sleep or insomnia. It helps to reduce stress by boosting up the immune system.

Cinchona off: This is another homeopathic remedy to maintain proper physical fitness and mental health. It is the first remedy to be given for people who suffer from anxiety and loss of power in all body parts. It is the best remedy for people who are in coma and do not have any strength to speak. It provides energy to the body cells and increases energy of the body to do daily activities.

Hydrastis can: This is the most important immune system booster and helps to provide strength to the body cells. It is useful for proper growth of body cells. It is best remedy for delayed development in children due to weak immunity. It is also indicated for children who suffer from recurrent affections of tonsils.

Withania somnifera: This is a natural homeopathic tonic for boosting up the immunity. This homeopathic remedy helps to increase the strength and immunity naturally. It helps to prevent recurrent infections. It is indicated for people who suffer from recurrent yeast infections.

Acid phos: This is the best health tonic for weak people. It is indicated for women who suffer from weak immunity. It is indicated when there are recurrent attacks of cold and flu. This homeopathic remedy prevents recurrent infections by boosting up the immunity naturally.

Calc phos: This is the best homeopathic remedy for children who suffer from delayed milestones. It helps to strengthen the bones and muscles and helps in proper growth and development of children. It is indicated for increasing the strength of bones. It provides natural calcium to the body and prevents recurrent infections in children.

Ferrum phos: This is a general tonic for the whole body. Ferrum phos provides necessary iron to the body and helps in the development of red blood cells. This remedy may be taken by people who suffer from anaemia due to poor development or red blood cells. It provides energy to the body cells and increases the strength to fight against the diseases.

Kali phos: This homeopathic remedy helps to strengthen the nerves. It is an excellent remedy for nervous diseases.

Mag phos: This homeopathic remedy is best suited to people who suffer from pains due to weak joints. It is suitable for people who suffer from joint pains and other pain diseases.

Nat phos: This is the best homeopathic remedy for people suffering from nervous problems due to weak immune system.


It is recommended to take 1-2 teaspoon two times in a day. Children may be given one teaspoon three times in a day.

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