Ginkgo biloba 1X For Insufficient Cerebral Circulation

sbl ginkgo bilobaCerebral circulation refers to the flow of blood in the brain. It is important that blood should get proper supply of the blood to function normally. Brain requires oxygen and different nutrients to perform its functions. Cerebral circulation is process by which oxygen and other essential nutrients are supplied to the different parts of the brain in sufficient quantity. If cerebral circulation is disturbed, many diseases may result. It is important to know who blood circulates in the brain and how it can lead to different cerebral vascular diseases. If brain does not get proper supply of the oxygen, it can cause fainting or loss of consciousness. Therefore, it is important that brain cells should get blood rich in oxygen and a continuous supply of the blood. If supply of oxygen to the brain cells decreases it causes damage to the brain tissue and impairment of brain functioning. Damage to the brain tissue occurs very quickly if supply of the oxygen to the brain is decreased.

There are total four arteries that supply blood to the brain. Two are carotid arteries and two vertebral arteries. These arteries join together to form circle of Willis. Arteries supply to the specific areas of the brain. There are different branches that supply blood to different parts of the brain. An arterial pressure has to be maintained in the arteries to supply sufficient amount of blood to the brain. Whenever there is some obstruction to the flow of blood in the brain, it leads to ischemia or deficiency of blood to the brain. If there is obstruction on one side of the brain, then the blood from the other side moves in to compensate the pressure. Different vascular disorders that may result due to insufficient supply of blood depends upon the type of artery that is blocked and extent of blockage. There are different types of disorders such as dizziness, stroke, haemorrhage, cerebral aneurysms that may result due to insufficient supply of blood to the brain.

Causes of cerebral vascular diseases

There are different causes that may cause obstruction to the flow of blood to the brain. Some of the important causes of cerebral vascular diseases are:

  • The main cause is high blood pressure. High blood pressure may cause bleeding in the brain due to rupturing of the vessel. It may result in hematoma.
  • Another important cause may be the rupture of the aneurysm. Aneurysm may get rupture due to sudden shock, emotional stress, physical exertion or injury to the vessel wall.
  • There may be formation of a clot due to rupture from a heart blood vessel. This may travel along with the vessel that is supplying blood to the brain and can cause obstruction in the brain.
  • Another important reason for the disruption to the normal flow of blood is the strong compression of the blood vessel. There is infarction of the brain due to spasm of the arteries that supply blood to the brain.

Symptoms of cerebral vascular diseases

People suffering from cerebral vascular diseases may experience the following symptoms due to insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain:

  • Dizziness
  • Vertigo
  • Heaviness of the head
  • Dark circles before eyes
  • Wants to lie down
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Paralysis of the extremities

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Homeopathic treatment for insufficient cerebral circulation

Ginkgo biloba is an important homeopathic remedy for the treatment of insufficient cerebral circulation. Ginkgo biloba is a traditional herb that has been used since ancient times for weak memory and vertigo treatments. It is an excellent herbal remedy for vertigo treatments. It helps to increase the supply of nutrients to the brain and prevent brain disorders. It is a useful remedy for old people who suffer from weak memory. It is one of the best homeopathic remedies for insomnia. Ginkgo biloba 1x is a useful remedy for children with weak memory. It is a safe and useful homeopathic remedy for vertigo treatments. This homeopathic product is absolutely safe and may be taken regularly for the treatment of all types of brain disorders. It helps to prevent the symptoms of cerebral insufficiency. It increases the supply of blood to the brain and prevents brain disorders. People having weak memory may take this natural product to increase concentration and memory.

People who have weak memory or have difficulty in remembering things can take this one of the best homeopathic remedies for insomnia. Sleep is an important factor that plays great role in increasing the memory of a person. People who do not get sufficient sleep may suffer from lack of concentration and weak memory. This homeopathic remedy may help to boost up the memory.

General tips to increase memory and concentration

If a person takes the general tips given here may improve his/her memory. Some general tips or precautions to improve memory are given here:

  • Diet plays the most important role in over all functioning of the body. One should eat good diet to enhance memory and for normal brain functioning. A balanced diet helps to nourish the brain cells and also helps to increase memory and concentration.
  • Exercise also plays an important role to enhance memory. Exercise helps to increase the circulation of blood to all parts of the body sufficiently.
  • One should remain away from stress and tension to maintain good functioning of the brain. Stress is one of the main causes of decreased brain functioning. Yoga and meditation helps to remove stress and tension.
  • Sleep is necessary to calm the mind. One should take sufficient sleep for proper functioning of the brain. Loss of sleep may decrease or increase blood pressure and this may lead to loss of memory.
  • Increasing age is one of the risk factors for decreasing memory. Therefore, one should start taking proper diet and supplements to maintain good memory with increasing age.
  • One should involve in fun activities and mind games for exercising of the brain cells. It is very important for normal functioning of the brain. One should go out and have fun with friends and family to rejuvenate the mind.
  • Good relationships also play an important role in keeping mind cool. One should try to make cordial relations with friends, neighbours and family to love longer and to have good memory.

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