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astha_aidA cough is a reflex action to protect the lungs. Coughing helps to remove the irritants from the air passages. Coughing also helps in preventing inflammation and infection of the lungs and respiratory passages. Cough may be present along with some respiratory diseases. It is a symptom and not a disease. Chronic cough can lead to a serious medical problem. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a physician if a person suffers from cough for a long time. Cough is a reflex action which occurs when the nerves are being irritated due to the presence of smoke, dust or other chemicals. Air enters and goes out of lungs through the tubes and when an irritating substance is present in the air passages, there is irritation which triggers a nerve action and cause coughing. Cough may be acute or chronic depending upon the time for which it lasts. Cough is a common symptom present in respiratory diseases. Cough occurs in people suffering from asthma. Cough may be dry or productive depending upon the respiratory illness. Cough is an important defence mechanism that prevents lungs from infection. When dust and dirt enters into the respiratory passages it becomes a breeding place for germs and bacteria that lead to coughing.

Causes of coughing

Coughing occurs when a foreign body or any other irritating substances enter into the respiratory passages. Cough may occur even if food enters into the wrong pipe. Some of the causes of coughing are:

  • Common cold is the frequent cause of coughing that gets better in one or two weeks.
  • Coughing may also occur due to severe diseases such as pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, etc.
  • Smoking is the most important cause of coughing. People who smoke suffers from chronic cough.
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease is also an important cause of coughing. When acid returns back to the chest it may cause irritation of the chest and induce coughing.
  • Certain medicines such as ace inhibitors can also produce coughing.
  • Bacterial or viral infection can also produce respiratory disease that may accompany cough.

Symptoms along with cough

Other symptoms that may occur along with cough are:

  • People suffering from chronic cough may have tightness of the chest.
  • There is pain in the chest with continuous cough.
  • There is dryness of the mouth and throat when cough is dry.
  • When mucus is present there is expectoration of thick, dark green mucus with cough.
  • Headache may occur due to the presence of cough.
  • Fever and sweating may occur due to infection of the respiratory passages.
  • Certain respiratory diseases are associated with sudden weight loss such as in tuberculosis.
  • Sore throat due to inflammation of the mucous membranes.
  • Hoarseness of the voice due to continuous coughing is a common symptom.


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Treatment for cough

There are many medicines available over the counter for treatment of cough. Conventional remedies may produce dizziness and headache. There are many other side effects that are produced by conventional remedies. It is best to take natural remedies for the treatment of cough. Homeopathic cough remedies give permanent relief from cough. Asthma Aid tablets consist of homeopathic cough remedies that provide immediate relief from chronic cough without producing any side effects. Asthma Aid tablets control cough naturally. The homeopathic cough remedies found in this homeopathic product also help to boost up the immune system to prevent recurrent attacks of respiratory diseases. Astha Aid tablets consist of following homeopathic cough remedies:

Justicia ashatoda: This is a wonderful homeopathic cough remedy that helps to control cough naturally. It is useful for any type of cough. It gives soothing effect to the throat and helps in the natural treatment of cough. It reduces the inflammation of the respiratory passages and also helps in boosting up the immune system.

Senega: This homeopathic remedy helps to control cough immediately. It is an excellent remedy for smokers. It gives instant relief from pain in chest and chronic cough. It is indicated when a person complaints of sore throat and hoarseness of the voice due to chronic cough.

Lobelia: This is a wonderful homeopathic remedy for the treatment of cough. It gives relief from dry and productive cough. It is a wonderful homeopathic remedy that enhances the immunity of a person and provides quick relief from cough. It is a useful homeopathic remedy for chronic cough. It is an excellent remedy for people suffering from asthma and bronchitis.

Magnesium: This is indicated when there is recurrent infection of the respiratory organs. It reduces the irritation of the respiratory passages and hence helps in the treatment of cough. It reduces the inflammation and decreases the production of mucus in the chest. This is a wonderful homeopathic remedy for cough that occurs in the morning.


It is recommended to take two tablets three times in a day for adults and one tablet two times in a day for children.

Home remedies for cough

Home remedies are very useful and effective for the treatment of cough. Some useful home remedies for getting quick relief from cough are:

  • Make herbal tea by boiling water and adding ginger and tulsi leaves in it. It is a wonderful remedy for the treatment of chronic cough.
  • Take out some ginger juice and put it in a fry pan. Now add one tea spoon of honey to it. Take this mixture two times in a day to get relief from cough.
  • Boil a glass of milk and add half teaspoon of turmeric powder. Boil it properly and drink this milk two times in a day to get relief from chronic cough. It boosts up the immunity and prevents recurrent attacks of cough.
  • Take a glass of water and boil some tulsi leaves in it. Add some honey to it and drink it three times in a day to get relief from cough.
  • Saline water gargles are quite effective in the home treatment of coughing. Do gargle two or three times in a day to get instant relief from cough.
  • Add cloves in water and boil it. Gargle with this water to get relief from coughing.

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