Day-To-Day Eye Problems, Conjunctivitis – Euphrasia 10% Eye drops

Euphrasia Eye dropsEuphrasia 10% Eye drops is an excellent homeopathic eye drop for eye strain. It helps in the treatment of dryness in eyes naturally. it is a homeopathic eye drop that helps to cure conjunctivitis naturally. There are numerous eye problems that may affect the eyes and vision. There is pain and redness of the eyes which is for a short period of time. Common problems of the eyes include irritation of eyes, redness, pain, swelling etc. These problems may occur due to infection or some foreign body that may get into the eyes. Some of the day to day eye problems are discussed below:


It is the infection of the eyes. There is redness and irritation in the eyes. Eyes may become sticky due to due to infection. There is dimness of the vision due to scarring of the corneal tissue in chronic cases. It may take four to five days for conjunctivitis to heal completely.

Foreign bodies

Foreign bodies refer to something in your eyes. Water starts coming out from the eyes and eyes become irritable. Sometimes, foreign bodies may cause damage to the eyes. Strong chemicals may damage the eyes and one should wash eyes properly to remove the chemicals from the eyes.

Corneal ulcers

Sometimes, corneal surface may become infected with cold sore virus and it can cause ulceration of the eyes. There is redness, soreness, and low vision. There is intense pain and one should immediately visit an eye specialist to get the right diagnosis.


It is the infection of the yes due to exposure to sun for prolonged period of time. It causes sun burns on the corneal surface of the eye. Eyes become watery and gritty. It is important that one should wear eye glasses while going out in the sun.


It is the general term that describes the inflammation of any part of the eye. There is pain in the eyes and vision may be affected to some extent. It depends upon the part of the eye which is involved in infection.

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Causes of day to day eye problems

There are some common symptoms that may be present along with day to day problems of the eyes. Some of the common symptoms of eye problems are:

Sudden pain and loss of vision is a frightening condition and it may happen when there is a disease related to the retina or to the blood vessels that supply to the eyes. When there is blockage or decreased blood supply then vision becomes impaired.

Retina is a sensitive membrane which is attached at the back of the eye. There is a network of blood vessels attached to retina to supply the blood. If retinal detachment occurs, then retina is pulled forward and there is cut off blood supply.

If there is blockage of the blood vessels at the back of eyes, then also loss of vision and pain may occur.

Vitreous haemorrhage is another condition that may cause pain and loss of vision. There is bleeding inside the eye. When there is bleeding inside the fluid then light is not able to pass through and there is complete darkness before the affected eye.

A pterygium is a scar present on the white of an eye that may grow and spread to the cornea thus obstructing the path of vision. There is vision loss which is painless and develops slowly.

Homeopathic eye drop

Euphrasia 10% Eye drops are the best combination of homeopathic remedies that help in the treatment of day to day eye problems without producing any side effects. This is the best eye drop for eye strain. It is absolutely safe and may be put everyday in both eyes to prevent loss of vision and other day to day eye problems. It also helps in the treatment of dryness in eyes. This homeopathic eye drop helps to give relief from redness and itching of the eyes. It is a natural eye drop for eye strain and relieves pain quickly. People who are frequently exposed to the dust and other chemicals should put one drop of Euphrasia 10% Eye drops everyday in both eyes. People who feel dryness in eyes should also put one drop of this eye drop everyday to get relief. It helps to moisten the surface of the eyes and relieves dryness naturally. People who work continuously in front of the computer or feel eye strain they should put this homeopathic eye drop for eye strain. Euphrasia is an excellent homeopathic remedy for eye strain and dryness in eyes. Euphrasia gives relief from pain and irritation of the eyes quickly and also prevents from other infection of the eyes.

Precautions to prevent day to day eye problems

You may prevent day to day eye problems by taking some precautions. Some useful guidelines are given below:

  • Always wash your eyes after you come back home. Some particles of dust may enter into our eyes when we are outside home and may cause irritation later.
  • Always wear sun glasses when you have to remain outside in the sun for a long period of time. Excessive exposure to sun may cause damage to the eyes.
  • Try to eat well balanced diet. Include green leafy vegetables and fruits in the diet as green leafy vegetables and fruits provide necessary vitamins and minerals to the eyes.
  • Exercise is very important to reduce stress. Try to go for a walk in the morning and walk bare foot on the ground for 10-15 minutes as this is very soothing for eyes.
  • Take a good sleep because sleep is necessary to reduce eye strain.
  • Do not read in dim light or watch TV from a short distance. Always sit at suitable distance when watching TV. People who work on computer continuously should take break in between to relax the eyes and body.
  • If your eyes are weak, then wear spectacles of suitable glasses after consulting an eye specialist. It helps to stabilize the number of your eyes and prevent further weakness of the eyes.
  • Eat carrots or drink carrot juice everyday as carrots are rich in carotene which is a precursor of vitamin A and good for eye health.

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