RelaxHed Drops For Migraine, Recurrent Headaches

RelaxHed DropsA migraine is a type of headache that may occur at any time of the day. People suffering from migraine experience recurrent episodes of headache with nausea and vomiting. There is intense pain in the head accompanied by other symptoms. Migraine is caused due to disturbances that are caused in the neurological activity of the brain. Migraine is not a disease but it a disturbed feeling in the brain. The main reason for migraine is when there is reduced supply of the blood to the brain. There is not cure for migraine in conventional system of medicine but natural remedies help to cure migraines. People suffering from migraine want to get instant migraine relief by taking painkillers which may produce many side effects if taken regularly. Women are more prone to suffer from migraine attacks. In women, migraine may occur at the age of menopause when there are hormonal disturbances in the body. One should do proper research before taking any remedies for migraine relief.

What are the causes of migraine?

Different people may suffer from different causes that may produce migraine attacks. There are triggering factors for each individual that may initiate the attack of migraine. Sometimes, people who suffer from migraine come to know that an attack of migraine is going to come. Some of the important causes of migraine are:

  • Migraine attack may be produced by certain odours such as perfumes or any other odours.
  • Many people do not get enough sleep due to different work shifts which may trigger the attack of migraine in them.
  • Mental stress is also one of the main causes of migraine in some individuals. Generally, women suffer from mental stress that may trigger an attack of migraine in them.
  • Exposure to loud music or any other sound may also trigger the attack of migraine. People who are continuously exposed to loud noise such as in large factories often have attacks of migraine.
  • Certain women suffer from migraine attacks when they are at the age of menopause. There is imbalance of the hormones at the age of menopause that may trigger an attack of migraine.
  • Some people skip meals as a part of dieting. They do not take proper meals and which may lead to an attack of migraine due to decreased blood supply to the brain.
  • People who drink excessive alcohol may also suffer from attacks of migraine. Excessive alcohol intake reduces the supply of oxygen to the brain which may trigger the attack.
  • Certain foods such as chicken, meat, eggs, etc. may also trigger an attack of migraine in some individuals. This may be due to their sensitivity to such foods.

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Symptoms of migraine headaches

People suffering from migraine may have different symptoms. The most important symptom associated with migraine is nausea and vomiting. There is dizziness and vertigo. Patient with migraine attack may have black sport before eyes. There is numbness and tingling in the extremities. Patient is unable to stand erect, wants to sit down or lie down. There is pain in the head which is throbbing and unbearable. There is feeling of weakness and tiredness after the attack of migraine.

Homeopathic treatment for migraines

Relax hed drops are best for the homeopathic treatment of migraines. The homeopathic remedies for migraine found in relaxhed drops are safe and provide instant migraine relief without producing any side effect. All the homeopathic remedies for migraine found in relax hed drops are traditionally believed to produce excellent results. Relaxhed drops consist of the following homeopathic remedies for migraine:

Iris versicolor: This is an excellent homeopathic remedy which gives instant migraine relief when taken regularly. It is a natural homeopathic remedy for migraine treatment. It is indicated when the patient suffers from frequent headaches on both sides. There is sensation of a band around the head. It helps to increase the supply of blood to the brain thus giving instant relief from migraine.

Cedron: It is believed to be one of the top most homeopathic remedy that helps to treat patients with migraines without affecting other organs of the body. Cedron is suited for women who suffer from migraine attacks during menopause. It may be given to the people who also suffer from migraine due to mental stress. It provides great relief from headache and other symptoms of migraine.

Ignatia amara: It is the first remedy given to the people suffering from migraine due to extreme mental stress. It is indicated for people who suffer from migraine when there is sudden grief. It provides relief from other symptoms such as dizziness and vertigo or black spots before the eyes. It prevents the frequent attacks of migraine by providing rich supply of oxygen to the brain.

Spigelia: It is a left sided homeopathic remedy which means that it is suitable for people who suffer from headache of left side. When headache begins from left side of the head and spread all over the head then this is the best remedy. The pain may spread to the eyes and there is closing of eyes due to pain. There is dark sport and dimness of vision during an attack of the migraine.

Usnea barbata: It is a great homeopathic remedy which is indicated when a person suffers from migraine attack due to exposure to sunlight. It is suitable for people who have to remain in loud noise all the time. It gives instant migraine relief by supplying oxygen to the brain cells.


It is recommended to take ten drops in one fourth cup of water four times in a day during an attack and reduce the dose when the pain subsides. In children, dosage of medicine should be given half of the adult dose.

Precautions to be taken for migraine

People can manage the attack of migraine by taking suitable precautions or by making certain changes in their life style. The most important thing to remember is that people who suffer from migraine attacks should take a balanced diet so that brain may get proper nutrition. It is important that brain cells should get rich blood supply to function properly. Exercise is also important for people suffering from migraine. Exercise increases the flow of blood to all parts of the body and prevents the frequent attacks of migraine.

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