Orthomuv Massage Oil For Joint and Muscle Pain

Orthomuv Massage OilPeople suffer from different types of joints problems during different parts of life. Some people suffer from joint and muscle pain early in life due to some underlying pathology. Older people suffer from joint and muscle pain due to degeneration of the bones and tissues. Different joint problems that commonly affect the individuals include arthritis, gout, rheumatism, etc. Women suffer more from joint and muscle pain due to loss of calcium from the body and menopause changes. There are different products available on the stores that can be applied locally to get temporary relief from the joint and muscle pain. Sometimes conventional products may produce side effects on the skin such as irritation and redness. Sometimes people take pain killers to get relief from joint and muscles pains. Regular intake of painkillers also produces several side effects. Joints make a connection between our muscles and bones. Joints help us to move properly. Any problem of joints may decrease movement and you may suffer from severe pain.

Joint pain may be produced due to an injury caused to the ligaments, bursa or tendons that surround the joint. Some people suffer from stiffness of the joints in which they have difficulty in moving the joint. Joint and muscle pain may caused by an injury to the neighbouring parts of the joint.

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Causes of joint and muscle pain

Joint and muscle pain may be produced by different reasons in different individuals. It is very important to determine the main cause of the problem for proper treatment. Some of the common causes of joint and muscle pain are:

  • Arthritis, gout or rheumatism is the important causes of joint pain. Whenever you suffer from joint and muscles pains it is important to consult a physician before taking any remedies to get the right diagnosis done.
  • Joint pain can also be produced by overuse of the muscles or by an injury to a particular joint. In such cases joint pain is temporary and disappears after healing.
  • Inflammation of the bursa or tendons may also produce pain in the adjoining joints.
  • Sprain and strains are other important causes of joint pains.

Symptoms of joint and muscle pains

  • The most important symptom present with joint and muscle pain is the soreness of the affected parts.
  • The affected joint is sore to touch due to the inflamed tissues. In some cases, redness and burning may be present due to the inflammation.
  • People have difficulty in walking and performing the daily activities.
  • People having joints pains have difficulty in standing or sitting continuously for a long time.

Homeopathic remedies for joint pain

Orthumuv massage oil is an excellent homeopathic product for external application on the affected joints. This homeopathic treatment for joint and muscle pain is natural and provide immediate relief from joint and muscle pain without producing any side effects. This is an excellent homeopathy pain relief remedy. The homeopathic remedies for joint pain present in Orthumuv massage oil are effective and proved to very useful for the treatment of joint and muscle pains. The important homeopathy muscle pain remedies in Orthumuv massage oil are:

Arnica Montana: This is the best homeopathy muscle pain remedy. It gives quick relief from any type of pain and swelling. Arnica is the best remedy for homeopathic pain relief. It is recommended for any type of injuries or people suffering from general pains in the body. People suffering from joint pains feel as if lying on something hard.

Cantharis: This is another best homeopathy muscle pain remedy. It increases the strength of the bones and muscles and relieves the swelling and pain. This is the best remedy for people suffering from any type of joint pain. It is also indicated for swelling and inflammation of the joints that may be produced due to an injury.

Gaultheria Procumbens: This is an excellent homeopathic pain relief remedy. It acts on the muscles and tendons and increases their strength thus giving quick relief from pain and swelling. It is indicated for rheumatism and arthritis of joints. It reduces the pain and swelling by acting on the deeper tissues of the joints.

Home remedies for joint and muscle pains

Home remedies are very useful in preventing the swelling and inflammation of the joints. Home remedies are natural and do not have any side effects. People suffering from joint and muscle pains may try these home remedies to get quick and lasting relief:

  • Garlic is a natural remedy that is used to reduce inflammation and pain in the joints. People suffering from joint and muscle pains should eat two to three cloves of garlic with warm water in the morning everyday to reduce pain and stiffness of the joints.
  • Ginger is also known for anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. People suffering from joint and muscle pains should drink ginger tea once in a day to boost up the immunity.
  • Apply hot packs to the affects joints for about half an hour every day. Hot packs help to increase the blood circulation and gives relief from swelling and inflammation quickly.
  • Turmeric is another home remedy that is useful for painful muscles and joints. Put half tea spoon of turmeric powder in hot milk and drink every day. It quickly gives relief from pain and swelling of the affected joints.
  • One should start eating healthy diet. Diet rich in fruits and vegetables provide essential nutrients to the body cells for proper growth and functioning.
  • Women should drink milk regularly and eat other dairy products to enhance the intake of calcium because deficiency of calcium may cause osteoporosis.
  • Exposure to sunlight is necessary for absorption of vitamin D. Therefore, one should remain in sun for about half an hour for proper absorption of calcium through the vitamin D.
  • Exercise is also necessary for proper functioning of the joints and muscles. One should do light exercise to keep body healthy.

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