Gastro Aid Tablets For Digestive Disorders

GASTRO AID TABLETSDigestive disorders occur commonly in children as well as adults. There may be different causes of digestive disorders. Symptoms produced by the digestive disorders are almost similar in all the digestive disorders. Digestive disorders are produced due to sedentary lifestyle and other eating habits. Digestive disorders may affect one or more organs of the digestive system. Digestion is a simple process in which food is broken down into small particles for easy absorption and production of the energy. Different organs of the digestive system include mouth, oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum and anus. Liver and pancreas are also the parts of digestive system. Different digestive organs secrete enzymes for proper digestion of the food. If there is disease of any one of the above organs it may produce digestive disorder symptoms. Digestive disorders may present with mild symptoms or severe disease. People suffering from mild digestive disorder may take some homey remedy to get relief. But, anyone suffering from severe digestive disorder should consult a physician to get the right diagnosis and treatment.

Digestive disorders

Different digestive disorders that may affect people of all age groups are discussed below:

Gastritis: Gastritis is the inflammation of the gastric mucosa. Mild to moderate inflammation of the gastric mucosa is common during the later adult life. The inflammation may only be superficial and does not produce much harm but it can also penetrate deep into the gastric mucosa causing severe symptoms. Gastritis is mainly caused by the bacterial infection. Certain substances such as alcohol and aspirin may also harm the protective layer of the gastric mucosa.

Peptic ulcer: A peptic ulcer is a common disease of the stomach and it is produced by the digestive action of the gastric juice. A peptic ulcer is commonly produced where a surgical opening is made. The main cause of the peptic ulcer is the production of the gastric juice and its neutralization by the other digestive juices.

Pancreatitis: The inflammation of the pancreas is known as pancreatitis. The most common cause of pancreatitis is alcohol consumption or it is also produced by the obstruction caused by the gallstone. A person may suffer from abnormal digestion when there is no secretion of pancreatic juice due to its inflammation.

Sometimes, the nutrients are not properly absorbed from the small intestine even though the food is well digested. There are some diseases in which there is decreased absorption by the mucosa and they are commonly termed as sprue.

Constipation: Constipation is caused due to disorders of the large intestine. In constipation there is slow movement of the faeces through the large intestine. There is accumulation of dry, hard faeces in the descending colon which may produce different symptoms.

Diarrhoea is another important disorder of the digestive tract and it may be produced by bacterial or viral infection. There is rapid movement of faeces through the large intestine.

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Treatment for digestive disorders

Conventional system of medication may provide temporary relief from symptoms of digestive disorders. A person may suffer from recurrent attacks of digestive disorders due to weak immunity produced by the conventional remedies. Gastro aid tablets are combination of useful homeopathic remedies for the treatment of digestive disorders. The homeopathic remedies found in gastro aid tablets are useful in the natural treatment of digestive disorders. Gastro aid tablets consist of following homeopathic remedies:

Natrum Phos 2x: This is an excellent homeopathic remedy for dyspepsia treatment. This helps to relieve the symptoms of gastric disorders quickly. It is indicated for great belching and discomfort produced by the gastric disorders. It is also one of the best remedy for sour eructation and sour vomiting. There is yellow creamy coating at the back of the roof and mouth. It is best homeopathic remedy for excess of acidity.

Robinia Pseudo 2x: It is one of the best belching treatment remedy. Robinia is also indicated for dyspepsia treatment and hyperchlorhydria. It is the best homeopathic remedy for acidity symptoms. There may be headache along with acidity. Eructations are acrid. There is acrid and greenish vomiting which may cause colic and flatulence. There is constipation and burning pains in the stomach.

Capsicum ann. 3x: It is an excellent homeopathic remedy for constipation. This is also indicated for dyspepsia treatment and also for belching treatment. It is recommended for people who are weak and have much flatulence. Vomiting may be present with much shuddering. There is inflammation of the mucous membrane producing a sensation of constriction.

Phosphorus 5x: It is a wonderful homeopathic remedy for constipation. It is recommended for belching treatment when there is vomiting after eating food. There is constriction at the cardiac opening. There is constant pain in the stomach which is relieved by cold food. A region of the stomach is painful to touch and there is aggravation of symptoms on walking. There is inflammation of the stomach which extends to the throat.


It is recommended to take one tablet three to four times in a day in adults.

Children may be given one tablet two times in a day.

Prevention of gastric disorders

  • Gastric disorders can be prevented by making changes in the lifestyle. People suffering from recurrent gastric infections or stomach disorders should change their eating habits.
  • Processed foods should not be eaten because these are difficult to be digested by the body and may cause digestive problems.
  • Alcohol drinking should be avoided because alcohol may produce inflammation of the gastric mucosa. Cigarette smoking should also be avoided because excessive cigarette smoking can damage the gastric mucosa.
  • Tea and coffee should be avoided because drinking too much tea and coffee can produce irritation of the gastric mucosa and may produce pain, nausea and vomiting.
  • Regular meals should be eaten to avoid indigestion. Fatty food and junk food should not be eaten during meal times because it may produce digestive problems.
  • Proper sleep is very important to avoid digestive disorders. People who have a sitting job should do some exercise for proper functioning of all the digestive organs.

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