B-Trim Drops For Improve Metabolism and Reduce Weight

B-Trim DropsIt is important to first understand what is metabolism? Metabolism refers to the life processes that help an organism to perform different body functions. It is a process by which food is broken down into simple substances to yield energy. The rate of metabolism depends upon the amount of calories that you consume and burn. Rate of metabolism depends upon different factors. If you maintain an optimum rate of metabolism by doing right exercise and consuming required calories then you can maintain an optimum weight. You have to learn certain ways to improve metabolism so that you may remain fit and healthy. Proper metabolism also helps in reducing weight. One easy way to maintain proper metabolism of food is to do exercise. But some people are not able to do exercise due to busy schedule.

Metabolism also varies with age. As your age increases, the process of metabolism slows down.

How metabolism is linked to body weight?

Body weight is the result of amount of energy that is released into our bodies and subtracting the amount of energy that is used up by our body. The remaining energy is either stored as fat or glycogen in the liver and muscles. There are other problems as well that affect metabolism such as hormonal disturbances, any other medical condition, etc. You can improve metabolism by changing your diet and lifestyle.

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Different factors on which our body requirements depend

Body size: People having large body mass will require more calories as compare to people having smaller body mass.

Age: As age increases, calorie requirement decreases. Muscle mass ratio decreases and these results in higher fat muscle ratio. Age related factors such as hormones, menopause, physical activity, etc. play an important role in determining the speed of metabolism.

Gender: Men have higher metabolic rate as compare to women because the muscle to fat ratio is greater in men than women.

Homeopathic remedies for losing weight

There are different ways by which a person can lose weight. Homeopathic remedies are safe and effective and these remedies not only help to improve metabolism but also speed up metabolism. B-Trim drops are a combination of homeopathic remedies for losing weight. The remedies in these drops help to speed up metabolism and helps in losing weight naturally. The common homeopathic remedies for losing weight found in B-Trim drops are:

Calcarea carbonica: This is a wonderful homeopathic remedy to speed up metabolism. You can improve metabolism by taking this homeopathic remedy. Some people wonder how to improve metabolism. This is a perfect solution and you can improve your metabolism by taking this homeopathic remedy regularly.

Thyroidinum: This is homeopathic remedy that helps to balance the hormones. It is indicated when there is thyroid disorders that are responsible for defective metabolism or increased weight. Thyroidinum may be taken to balance the thyroid hormones and for optimum functioning of the thyroid gland.

Fucus vesiculosis: This is also one of the best homeopathic remedy for the treatment of thyroid disorders and other hormonal imbalance. It helps in the correction of metabolism and also helps to control weight. It is an excellent homeopathic remedy for obese people. They can control weight by taking this homeopathic remedy regularly.

Phytolacca berry: This is the leading homeopathic remedy for weight reduction. It helps to control appetite and thereby in controlling weight. Phytolacca berry has shown excellent results in obese people. When you take this remedy regularly it helps in controlling metabolism and in controlling weight.


Take 10-15 drops of B trim homeopathic remedy in one fourth cup of water three times in a day.

How to improve your metabolism?

You can improve your metabolism by modifying these factors. If you know what are your calorie requirements, and there is no underlying cause for your increased weight then you may improve your metabolism by considering the factors given below:

Sleep is very essential for proper metabolism of food. Too little sleep may have a negative impact on your body. People having little sleep are at a risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Some physical activity is must for consumption of the calories that you eat during daytime. Therefore, one should involve in light physical activity for proper metabolism of the body. Exercise plays an important role in keeping your body fit. One can improve metabolism by doing some physical exercise.

It is very important to monitor your diet. You should eat healthy foods. It is very important to know the calorie requirement of your body to maintain normal weight. Your weight increases when you consume more calories than required by your body. Fish should be included in the diet that is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Fruits and vegetables should be consumed at regular intervals because these are easy to digest and provide proper nutrition to the body cells. People who are in a habit of eating dinner late at night should try to change their habit and eat their dinner about two hours before going to sleep. This helps in proper digestion and absorption of the food.

Eat small meals at frequent intervals. It is advised that a person who wants to lose weight or if you want to know how to improve your metabolism then you should take about five to six meals in a day at an interval of about three to four hours. This will not let you eat more but you will consume fewer calories by eating at frequent intervals. Take healthy foods in between the main meals of the day.

Avoid beverages, alcohol or aerated drinks. These contain high amount of sugar which may increase your weight.

Avoid giving fast foods to your children. It is found that children who eat more fast foods are prone to overweight. Parents should check the food items that are eaten by children throughout the day. Parents should make a meal plan for a child which is appropriate to their age and calorie requirement.

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