Quercus Robur 1x For Alcohol De-Addiction

Quercus robur 1xMan consumes alcohol for many reasons. Some drink it to forget about their sorrows, some to company with friends and other for their success. Therefore, every man may have a different reason for drinking alcohol. Alcohol is a habit forming substance and when a person starts drinking it, slowly it becomes a habit which is difficult to quit. There are different forms of alcohol and people drink these different types according to their choice. Alcohol does not produce any benefit for the man but it proves to harmful in many forms. No form of alcohol can do well to the man. Many people believe that alcohol stimulates brain, but it is not true. In reality, alcohol depresses the brain and also slows down other centres of the brain. Therefore, a person who drinks alcohol finds it difficult to speak clearly, walk properly and stand erect. People who drink too much alcohol may have nausea, vomiting, wild gestures, and uttering of incoherent words. When alcohol is taken in, it goes into the stomach from where it enters the blood stream; the greater the amount of alcohol, greater is the absorption into the blood. This is the reason why beer takes a longer time to affect the behaviour of a person who consumes it because beer has a lower content of alcohol in it. Anyone who drinks alcohol should remember that the human liver cannot process more than one quarter of an ounce of alcohol in one hour. If a person drinks more alcohol then it puts burden on the liver and in the long run, it may damage the liver and produce liver cirrhosis.


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Bad effects of alcohol on the body

Brain is the most important part of human body. Alcohol causes maximum damage to the brain. Other organs are also affected by the consumption of more alcohol. It affects the parts of the brain that control thinking and learning. The person who is drinking cannot concentrate, is no longer alert and cannot perform other mental tasks properly.

An intake of alcohol leads to frequent urination because it affects a part of the brain which regulates the functions of the kidneys discharging water.

Heavy drinking can also lead to anaemia. It causes the depletion of red blood cells in the body. This may cause fatigue, restlessness and shortness of breath.

Alcohol drinking may also lead to cancer of any part of the body as number of free radicals increases in the body that may cause cancer.

Heavy drinking can also lead to the aggregation of the blood cells or platelets that may cause blood clots in the arteries of the heart. This can lead to heart diseases and in most cases results in heart attack.

The most important health danger produced by continuous drinking is cirrhosis of the liver. People who drink heavily and continuously may develop cirrhosis of the liver which may ultimately lead to death.

How to treat alcoholism

People who want to quit alcohol try different remedies and ways. Many people choose alcohol de-addiction centres to quit their habit of drinking. They often try to find an answer to the question how to treat alcoholism. There are many alcohol de-addiction centres that are helping people to quit smoking but these methods are not suitable for everybody. Quercus robur is a homeopathic remedy that helps in alcohol de-addiction. When a person has craving for alcohol, he/she may start taking this homeopathic remedy. This homeopathic remedy is a wonderful natural remedy to solve the problem of alcoholism. Quercus robur is an important homeopathic remedy which decreases the craving for alcohol and naturally helps in quitting smoking. This homeopathic remedy may be taken regularly if anyone wants to quit alcohol. This is also a suitable remedy for decreasing the withdrawal effects produced when quitting alcohol. It reduces the tiredness, fatigue and light-headedness in a person who drinks alcohol. It prevents the liver from getting damaged due to alcohol.

Home remedies for alcoholism

There are important home remedies that help to combat with the effects of alcoholism. Some important home remedies are given below that may help you to quit alcohol and lead a happy and healthy life:

  • A person drinking alcohol should eat large amount of grapes as wine or beer is made from grapes and eating grapes can help to overcome the habit of alcoholism. This is a perfect home remedy for alcoholics.
  • Raisins are also good for people who want to quit alcohol. You may take a few raisins and put them in your mouth and suck them slowly to avoid the desire of alcohol.
  • Fruits are very useful for people who drink alcohol. Fruits are rich in anti-oxidants that help to fight against the free radicals and eliminate other toxic substances from the body.
  • Take one glass of butter milk and add three teaspoon of bitter gourd juice in it. It should be taken every morning to avoid alcohol.
  • Soak four to five dates in one cup of water for few hours. Then rub them and drink that water two times in a day to reduce the habit of drinking.

Lifestyle changes

If a person has full determination of quitting smoking, then by making some changes in the lifestyle can also help in quitting smoking. Some useful tips for making changes in the lifestyle are:

  • Exercise is very important for maintaining healthy body. One should do regular exercise to keep fit and healthy.
  • One should drink lots of water as water is a natural detoxifier for your body and helps in removing the waste substances from the body.
  • One should avoid the company of friends who drink heavily or too much. You should avoid attending social parties where you think that drinking is must.
  • Try to eat healthy food that includes all the necessary nutrients. It is very important to eat a balanced diet for maintaining healthy functioning of all parts of the body.
  • You may involve yourself in good pass time or hobbies and reduce the activities that involve drinking alcohol.

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