Klimaktolan For Menopause

KlimaktolanMenopause refers to the stoppage of menstruation in women. It is a phase of life when reproductive age finish and women can no longer bear a child. Periods do not stop at once but first they become less frequent. It takes many years for menopause to come completely. When women do not get periods for one year are said to have menopause. The average age for menopause id 52 years but the range may vary from 45-50 years. Some women achieve early menopause whereas some women get late menopause. It is normal phase of life that has to come in the life of every woman. It is not a disease. Symptoms may start early in life due to imbalance of the hormones. Some women suffer from early menopause symptoms. Some women experience symptoms late in life.

Menopause produces many symptoms that create disturbance in the life of women. There are different treatments for menopause. Many women take hormonal therapies to get rid of the symptoms that occur during menopause. Some women search for other treatments that are safe and do not produce any side effects.

Symptoms of menopause

Important symptoms of menopause that may occur in women during different ages are given below. Symptoms may appear early in life:

  • The first symptom is irregular periods. Some women get periods after one or two weeks and some may not have for two months.
  • The hormone levels decrease and due to this the fertility tendency also reduces. Women who start getting irregular periods may not get pregnant after trying for several times.
  • There is dryness of the vagina with itching and discomfort. Some women also have pain in the vagina. Most women have pain and itching in the vagina and they go through a lot of discomfort.
  • Another important symptom of menopause is feeling of heat in the body. These are called as hot flashes. There is sudden sweating mostly in the upper part of the body. There is increased heartbeat with palpitations.
  • Night sweats are very common in women suffering from menopause. Sweat mostly occurs at night due to which women may get up at night. There is disturbed sleep due to anxiety and stress.
  • Urinary tract infections become common in women at the age of menopause. There is increased frequency of urination.
  • Mood disturbances are very common during menopause. There is a tendency for depression and stress which increases during menopause.
  • Some women gain weight during menopause. Breast size decreases.

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Causes of menopause

  • Female hormones oestrogen and progesterone are responsible for maintaining regular periods in women. Ovaries stop producing these hormones and symptoms start appearing.
  • Another important cause of menopause is deficiency of enzymes. Certain enzymes are necessary for maintaining proper reproductive functions in women.
  • Down’s syndrome and Turner’s syndrome are two genetic disorders that may cause absence of menstruation in women.
  • Addison’s disease is also responsible for menopausal symptoms in women.
  • Women suffering from thyroid disorders such as hypothyroidism may also have early menopause.
  • In some women, removal of the ovaries has to be done for some medical abnormalities which may cause early menopause.
  • Women suffering from cancer of the cervix may also have irregular periods and finally ovaries stop functioning properly due to which absence of menstruation may occur.
  • Some infections are also responsible for producing early menopause in women. Generally women suffering from sexual diseases may suffer from irregular menstruation.

Homeopathy treatment for menopause

Homeopathy treatment for menopause is safe and effective. Homeopathy remedy menopause is an excellent product that consists of different homeopathic remedies for the treatment of symptoms of menopause. Menopause homeopathic remedies help to balance the hormones and prevent the symptoms of menopause. Klimaktolan is a combination of different homeopathic remedies for menopause. The different homeopathic menopause remedies found in Klimaktolan are:

Sepia officinalis: This is an excellent homeopathic menopause remedies that help to bring changes in the mood. It is an excellent remedy for women who suffer from irritability during menopause. It is also indicated for changes in the mood, anxiety and pain in the vagina. Women who suffer from bearing down sensation should take sepia to get rid of all the symptoms.

Cimicifuga recemosa: This is a wonderful menopause homeopathic remedies that provide quick relief from all symptoms of menopause. It gives relief from irregular menstruation and mood changes that occur during menopause. It is also indicated for other complaints of menopause such as pain in the legs and back, heaviness of the breast, etc. It gives relief from hormonal imbalance to prevent the symptoms of menopause.

Ignatia amara: This is an excellent remedy for women who suffer from depression and anxiety during menopause. It is one of the best homeopathic menopause remedies that help in the treatment of all the symptoms of menopause.


It is recommended to take two tablets, three times in a day during initial stage and when symptoms subside then women should take one tablet three times in a day.

Prevention of menopause symptoms

Women can prevent the symptoms of menopause by making changes in the lifestyle. It is very important that women who are in the age of menopause should eat a healthy diet to get proper nutrition for reproductive organs.

Regular exercise is very important during menopause. It helps in proper functioning of different body parts. Exercise also helps to reduce stress. Women can also do yoga and meditation to get rid of stress and hot flashes that may occur during the menopause.

Women should remain socially active as it helps to forget about the symptoms of menopause.

Lots of fruits and green vegetables should be consumed to boost up energy. Fruits also help in destroying free radicals from the body that may cause cancerous cells. Anti-oxidants present in fruits help you to look young and healthy forever.

Women should drink lots of water during menopause as it helps to flush out the waste materials and chemicals from the body.

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