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Cineraria Maritima Eye DropsCataract is defined as an eye disorder and it is mainly associated with age. As a person grows older, the lens become weaker and weaker and slowly power of vision decreases till it goes off completely. A stage may come when a person is unable to see completely. There is complete loss of vision due to cataract. The lens becomes cloudy and there are dark spots before the eyes. Either one eye is affected or both eyes may get affected by cataract. This is mainly because of degenerative changes in the eyes that occur with increasing age. Due to degenerative changes the power of vision becomes weak and a person is unable to see clearly. Cataract is a slow ageing process and a person suffering from cataract is unable to perform his daily duties properly. It is hard to see the things clearly even from a short distance. This is the most common disorder that occurs with increasing age. In some people, degenerative process is quick due to other systemic diseases such as high blood pressure, heredity diseases, diabetes, and exposure to bright light or chemical substances. Sometimes, cataract is detected at the final stage when a person loses complete vision.

Often it is recommended to go for surgery to correct the defective vision. Lens is replaced with an artificial eye lens but it may have some complications. All people who undergo surgery are not successfully able to see again. Very rarely, a person is able to get back the vision and this is also not proper. It is important that one should go for regular eye check up to prevent cataract early in life. Once detected, then you may take proper measure to stop the progress of the disease.

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Symptoms of cataract

Cataract can be prevented if it is detected early in life. Anyone can detect cataract by having proper knowledge. Loss of vision may occur due to other reasons as well. Differential diagnosis is very important to determine the exact cause of the low vision or dim vision. It is better to visit an eye specialist if you feel difficulty in seeing the things clearly even from a short distance. Important signs and symptoms are:

  • Dimness of vision because lens becomes cloudy
  • Cannot see during the night time
  • People suffering from cataract may complain of having dark spots of halos
  • Cannot distinguish between the different colours
  • Cannot see clearly even from a short distance

Homeopathic remedies for cataracts

Cineraria Maritima 10% Eye Drops are an excellent way to prevent eye diseases cataract of the eyes can be prevent by regular use of Cineraria Maritima 10% Eye Drops. It is the best eye drops for cataract treatment. It not only helps to improve eye vision but also provides necessary nutrition to the eye cells to prevent dimness of the vision. Cineraria Maritima 10% Eye Drops contain homeopathic remedies for cataracts and do not produce any side effects. The main ingredient in this eye drops for cataract treatment is cineraria maritime. This homeopathic medicine helps to improve eye vision and does not produce any side effects. All the eye problems can be prevented by using this eye drops naturally. It increases the strength of the eye muscles and prevents any injury of eyes caused due to storm or dust. Old people should start using this eye drops in early age to prevent cataract. Cineraria maritime eye drops help to increase the strength of the eye lens and prevent halos before the eyes. Regular use of this eye drops helps to improve eye vision without producing any side effects. People who are prone to eye diseases should start using this eye drops regularly to prevent degenerative changes that may occur in eyed with increasing age.

Home remedies for cataract

Home remedies are very helpful for treating and preventing cataract. Home remedies may be started early to prevent clouding of lens. Some of the useful home remedies to prevent cataract are:

  • You can add one teaspoon of lime juice with rose water. Instil one drop of this mixture in affected eye to prevent clouding of the lens.
  • Almonds are good to maintain good vision. Soak four to five almonds for a night and eat in the morning with a warm glass of milk in the morning to prevent dimness of the vision.
  • Carrots are very good for eyes. Carrots are good in carotene which is a precursor of vitamin A which is necessary for maintaining good vision. Drink one glass of carrot juice everyday to prevent cataract and other diseases of the eyes.
  • One should eat foods that are rich in vitamin A. Some of the important sources of vitamin A include spinach, apples, carrots, papaya, curd, etc.
  • Add one tea spoon of lemon juice, onion juice and make a mixture. Now put one teaspoon honey and little water to get suitable consistency. You can put one drop in each eye to prevent cataract.
  • Cut cucumber into pieces and apply these pieces over both eyes for 10-15 minutes to get relief from overstraining of the eye muscles.

Precautions to prevent eye diseases

You may take precautions to prevent eye diseases. Some useful tips are given below that may help you to prevent eye problems:

  • One should avoid studying in dim light. It can strain the muscles of the eyes.
  • One should sit at a suitable distance to watch television and children should be prevented from playing video games and computer games.
  • One should cover eyes properly while going out in the sun as bright light of the sun may produce irritation of the eyes.
  • Wash your eyes when you come from outside. It helps to remove dust from eyes.
  • Proper sleep is necessary for good vision.

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