Cineraria Maritima10% Eye Drops for Cataract Treatment

Homeopathic Remedies for Eyes – Cineraria Maritima 10%  Eye Drops

Cineraria Maritima10% Eye DropsCataract it is one of the most popular eyes’ diseases and it can be described as a cloudiness of the lens of the eye that causes a glare, foggy and blurred vision.

Often it is due to a trauma post surgery , sometimes (rarely) is genetic but, in most part of the cases is due by the age.

The main cause of Cataract is the changes in the protein of the lens, especially for old people and the most common treatment for cataracts it is the surgery but let’s see even if it is possible to find some homeopathic remedies for cataracts and if it is possible to Improve eye Vision.

The cataract symptoms a part the cloudy vision, are: sensitivity to light, difficulty with night vision, fading or yellowing of colours, double vision in one eyes and difficulty to read.

If we want to treat with homeopathic medicine the cataracts problem, we have to know that in this branch of medicine is well known the power of cineraria maritime to treat and even to prevent the development of cataracts.

Cineraria Maritima10% Eye Drops are, in fact, a very powerful product thanks to its capacity to clear and dissolve the obstructing fibrils in the lens; to help solving cornel opacity and even in preventing Cataract and other problem or infection of the eye.

As usual for homeopathic medicine, this Eye drops for Cataract Treatment is completely safe because there are no bad side effects in using them and for this, they can be used even for a long period without any problem.

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Other homeopathic medicines also used to fight the cataract problems because of their useful effect are:

  • silicea, magnesia carbonica and ammoniacum dorema that we can consider the top homeopathic remedies for cataract with diminished vision too;
  • Natrum sulphruricum and psorinum are, instead, very powerful for cataract with photophobia problems;
  • Calcarea Flourica that is suggested to fight against the opaque spots in the cornea;
  • Conium, often prescribed to treat cataract due to injuries; and Natrum Muriaticum that is very useful for cataract in the first stages and photophobia too.
  • It is possible, however, to treat cataract problems even in our home, with the products that, so often, there are in our kitchen.
  • For example, maybe, not many people know that the garlic is very very important for the eyes: it is enough to eat 2 or 3 cloves of garlic every day to have good effects in the cleaning of our lens.
  • Another natural product very useful for the health of our eyes is spinach: really perfect to treat the cataract problems because it is able even to reverse the effects of cataract on the eyes.

Other effective cataracts herbal cure and treatments are:

Green tea that improves the vision and wheatgrass (even this one is able even to reverse the effects of cataract on the eyes)

Bilberry that is rich in anthocyanosides able to protect the lens and the retina too.
Papain : able toprevent the cataracts too.

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