Echinacea Angustifolia 1X For Immune Stimulant

Echinacea Angustifolia 1XImmunity is the most important aspect required for healthy living. There are two types of immunity, natural immunity and acquired immunity. The white blood cells present in our blood act as disease fighters and provide natural immunity to our body. Acquired immunity is induced in an individual by injecting vaccines or by taking immune stimulants. Some people take immune stimulant substances as they have weak immunity. Vaccines are specific immune stimulants that provide immunity against specific antigens whereas there are other immune stimulant substances that provide general body immunity. Vaccines are injected to boost up immunity against certain specific antigens and many vaccines are at the time of birth and in childhood to prevent children from some diseases. General immune stimulants activate the white blood cells to enhance the body immunity and provide protection against several disease causing agents. Natural immune stimulants secreted in human body such as cytokines that enhances the immune system naturally. Some food substances and plants also help to increase the body immunity. People who eat a balanced diet have high immunity due to the natural vitamins and minerals present in vegetables and fruits. Strong immune system is necessary for fighting against the various germs and diseases. Some have high immunity and some may have low immunity.

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Causes of low immune system

Some of the causes of low immune system are:

  • Stress is the most important factor that lowers the immune system. Chronic stress increases the levels of cortisol which reduces the production of good prostaglandins. Good prostaglandins help to enhance the immune system. People who remain under stress are susceptible to recurrent infections and other diseases.
  • Poor diet is another important cause that may lower immune system. Excessive consumption of refined sugar and highly processed food weaken the immunity and make your susceptible to attack of chronic diseases.
  • Excess intake of alcohol is another cause of low immunity system. Excess intake of alcohol reduces the power of white blood cells to attack the germs. People who are heavy drinkers may suffer from recurrent attacks of cold and cough.
  • Sleep is another important cause that may lower the immune system. People who do not take proper sleep have reduced number of T cells. People who do not get proper sleep are liable to suffer from diseases easily.
  • Obesity is also an important cause that may lower the immune system. People who are overweight do not have good immunity to fight against the germs.
  • People who live a sedentary life are prone to suffer from diseases. Exercise is an important part of life and one should engage in some form of simple exercise for proper flow of blood to all parts of the body.
  • Excessive intake of medications can also weaken the immune system. It is found that people who take repeated antibiotics have lower immunity.
  • Smoking also reduces the immune system. People who smoke regularly may have weak immune system.


Homeopathic treatment for low immunity

If you are suffering from low immunity you may take homeopathic remedies to boost the immune system. Homeopathic remedies help to boost the immune system naturally. Echinacea angustifolia 1X is an excellent homeopathic immunity booster. It enhances immune system naturally without producing any adverse effects. Echinacea angustifolia 1X is known for its immune boosting properties and this homeopathic remedy enhances immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells. This homeopathic immune booster remedy stimulates the killer cells of your body and helps to prevent cancer. It is also a useful remedy for people suffering from recurrent attacks of cold and flu. It is also a useful homeopathic remedy for people suffering from blood poisoning, infections, inflammations and other diseases that may occur due to weak immune system. It activates the macrophages to boost the immune system.


It is recommended to give 1-2 tablets two times in a day. Children may be given one tablet two times in a day and reduce to one tablet once in a day when the condition improves.

Natural ways to boost the immune system

One may also boost the immune system by taking some precautions and making some changes in the lifestyle. Some important tips for boosting the immunity are:

  • Exercise is important for remaining healthy. One should do yoga and meditation to avoid stress because stress could be one of the important reasons for low immunity. Therefore, start doing some exercise to boost immunity.
  • Diet is another important way of improving immunity. One should avoid fried foods, fast foods and processed foods. One should start eating fresh fruits and vegetables because natural fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals that help to boost up the immunity.
  • Good sleep is essential for boosting up the immunity. One should take proper 7-8 hours undisturbed sleep for boosting up the immune system.
  • Alcohol and smoking should be avoided as these may reduce the immunity. One should drink healthy drinks such as fresh fruit juices and simple water to boost up the immune system.

Home remedies for boosting immune system

Some important home remedies for boosting immune system are given here:

  • Garlic is the most important food that helps to boost the immune system. It enhances immune system naturally. One should include garlic in daily diet for boosting up the immune system. Garlic is an excellent immunity booster.
  • Flaxseeds are important for boosting up the immune system. It is an excellent immune booster and one should eat one teaspoon of flaxseeds every day. The best way is to soak some flaxseeds in water overnight and eat them in the morning.
  • Turmeric is another important home remedy that may help to boost up the immunity. It is an important herb that has been used since ancient times for boosting up the immune system.
  • Citrus fruits such as oranges, guava, etc. also help in boosting the immune system. People with low immunity should increase the intake of citrus fruits as they provide vitamin C.
  • You may also soak 5-6 almonds overnight and eat them with warm glass of milk everyday in the morning to boost up your immune system.

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