MIG AID TABLETSHeadache is a common problem that may occur at any age. Children, adults and old people suffer from headache at one point or the other. Headache is not a disease but it is a symptom that may accompany other diseases. It is a temporary symptom in some diseases whereas continuous in many brain diseases. Headache is described as a pain that arises from the upper part of the neck. The pain occurs in the tissues and other structures that are present around the brain. The pain in the head may be dull, aching, throbbing, sharp, constant, mild or intense. People take painkillers to get relief from headache. Sometimes painkillers also do not relive headaches. There are different types of headaches such as migraine headache, tension headache, cluster headache, headache due to underlying head disease or injury, etc. Different types of headaches have different causes.

Causes of headaches

There are different causes that may produce pain in head. Every person suffering from pain in the head may give you a different reason. Some of the important causes of headache are discussed below:

  • Stress: It is the most common cause of headache in children and adults. Children may have stress due to education, peer pressure, family tension, etc. Adults may have stress due to work or family. Thus, people having stress generally also have pain in their head. This pain may be constant and mild.
  • Depression is another important cause of headache in people. Life is very fast and sometimes people are not able to cope with the increasing demands and suffer from depression. People who are depressed for a long time may complain of continuous pain in the head.
  • Irregular sleep pattern is also an important and main cause of headache. People who work in shifts generally suffer from attacks of headache at regular intervals of time. They do not have a regular sleep and due to this their routine gets disturbed.
  • Exposure to sun may also cause headache in sensitive individuals. Some people are unable to tolerate the heat of the sun and they complain of pain in the head whenever they go out in the sun.
  • Certain foods are also proved to be harmful and may cause headache. Some people complain of headache after eating curd, a particular type of fruit, after eating eggs, meat, etc. This type of headache is due to peculiar allergic reaction that may be produced after eating that particular food.
  • Some people have to remain in an atmosphere where there is loud noise due to machines. This disturbs the balance of the brain and may produce headache.
  • Certain brain diseases such as brain haemorrhage, brain tumour, meningitis, etc. may also produce headache.

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Homeopathic remedy for headache

There are many homeopathic remedies for headache but Mig aid is an excellent combination of homeopathic remedies for headache. Mig aid is a wonderful homeopathic remedy for headache that gives quick relief from headache. It gives relief from pain in head that may have originated due to any cause. Mig aid is a remedy that is best suited for people who suffer from headache due to eye strain. It is also an excellent homeopathic remedy for premenstrual headaches. Children and adults may take this remedy for the natural treatment of headache. It is indicated for all types of headaches. The most important benefit of this homeopathic remedy is that it does not produce any side effects. It consists of the following homeopathic remedy for headache:

Spirulina: This is an excellent remedy for headache due to eye strain. It is indicated for all types of headache and gives quick relief. This remedy may be taken regularly to increase the supply of oxygen to the brain. Spirulina is indicated for people who complain of throbbing and continuous headache.

Natural treatment for headache

Natural treatment of headaches includes herbal remedies and home remedies. There are many home remedies that may help in the treatment of headaches of any origin and intensity. Some of the important steps that one may take to get relief:

  • Meditation and yoga also helps in avoiding the attacks of headache. People who suffer from stress should do some meditation to remain fit and healthy.
  • Make an herbal tea by adding some peppermint and lemon will give good relief from headache.
  • People suffering from headache should eat a healthy diet to avoid the attacks of headache. One should take balanced diet so that brain may get proper nutrition for optimum functioning.
  • Massaging the head with soothing oils is also an excellent way to get relief from head pain. Massaging helps to increase the flow of blood to the brain and relieves pain.
  • Ginger also is a traditional anti-inflammatory home remedy for intense pain in the head. You may take a glass of hot water and put one teaspoon of ginger juice in it and drink it every day to prevent the recurrent attacks of headache.
  • It is very important that people who suffer from headaches should take regular meals because missing a meal can also trigger the attack of pain in the head.
  • You may also apply freshly prepared paste of sandalwood or ground clay and rub it over the head. It will give a cool sensation to your head.
  • People who suffer from headache due to exposure to sun should avoid going out in the sun. They should move out in the morning or in the evening when the heat of the sun subsides.
  • Try to find out the foods that may trigger the attacks of headache so that you may avoid them to prevent headaches.
  • Take a head wash with warm water or cold water depending upon the season to relax the brain and get relief from headache.
  • People working in shifts should adjust their time and take proper sleep to avoid headaches. They should take proper rest to avoid headaches.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or any other habit forming substance because these substances decrease the supply of oxygen to the brain that may trigger the headaches.

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