Crataegus Pentarkan For Senile Heart/Cardiac Weakness

Crataegus PentarkanIt is very difficult to determine the symptoms of the heart disease or distinguish between heart disease and any other gastric disturbance. There are functional disturbances that may give you indications for senile heart. There may not be any systemic alterations due to senile heart. There are degenerative changes in the heart. There is reduced contractility and it causes deficient functioning of the heart muscles. Any pathological changes may not occur when a person has senile heart because it occurs due to ageing of an individual. Diseases of the heart may result from infections, increased intake of alcohol, due to high blood pressure, congenital defects or abnormal structures in the heart, or due to nutritional deficiencies. Cardiac weakness may occur due to increasing age and weakness of the heart muscles. The efficiency of the heart decreases and it becomes difficult for the heart to pump the blood effectively to all parts of the body. Supply of the blood to the heart itself decreases due to low pumping of the blood from the heart.

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Symptoms of senile heart or cardiac weakness

Sometimes, people do not suffer from any pathological changes due to heart weakness but there are symptomatic symptoms that may occur. Some of the important symptoms of senile heart or cardiac weakness include the following:

  • There is prolonged unexplained weakness of the whole body
  • Sudden weakness when it is not accompanied with other symptoms such as fever
  • There is sudden fatigue even during slight movement of the body
  • There is uncomfortable feeling in the chest
  • Feeling of tightness and heaviness in the chest
  • When there is no desire to eat
  • There is pain in the extremities with heaviness of the head
  • There is difficulty in breathing
  • There is weakness and numbness of the extremities
  • There is sudden weight loss

Causes of the senile heart

Senile heart is an ageing process and it occurs due to increasing age. Mostly people suffer from cardiac weakness during old age due to weakness of the muscles of the heart. Heart is unable to perform its functions properly due to which a person has a feeling of weakness in the whole body. Sometimes cardiac weakness may occur early in life due to some chronic disease such as diabetes, intake of too many medications or due to lack of exercise.

Homeopathic medicine for heart

Homeopathic treatment includes many remedies to increase the strength of the heart. Homeopathic remedies are safe and effective for the treatment of any kind of heart disease. Crataegus Pentarkan is an important homeopathic medicine for heart. It is one of the best remedy for heart weakness treatment. It helps in the treatment of cardiac weakness. It increases the strength of the heart muscles and helps it to function normally. People suffering from any kind of discomfort in the region of the heart should take homeopathic medicine for heart. Crataegus Pentarkan is a wonderful remedy for heart weakness treatment. It helps to improve the heart functioning by reducing cardiac weakness. It increases the supply of oxygen to the heart so that heart may function normally. This homeopathic remedy is indicated when there is constriction in the region of the heart. When a person complains of tightness and constricted feeling in the chest then this homeopathic remedy is best indicated. Crataegus is an important homeopathic remedy for heart. It helps in the treatment of all types of heart problems without producing any side effects.

Home remedies for senile heart

If a person take some precautions and make changes in the lifestyle, then cardiac weakness may be prevented. Some of the important home remedies to prevent senile heart are:

  • To prevent heart weakness one should eat high fibre diet. It helps to balance the cholesterol levels in your blood and prevents heart disease. High fibre foods include whole grain brown rice, lentils, beans and barley oats.
  • To prevent heart diseases one should take monounsaturated fat such as from olive oil.
  • Eat two table spoons of peanut butter everyday to get adequate amount of vitamin E.
  • You may put one ounce of pecans over salad to get required amount of minerals in your diet. You should eat whole wheat bread instead of white bread to get anti-oxidants in your diet.
  • Calcium is an important mineral that is required for your heart and you may get calcium from milk, kale, salmon, figs, okra and broccoli.
  • People with increasing age may eat about three ounces of chicken to get proper nutrients. They can also add salmon meats to get vitamin B12 in their diet and to prevent heart diseases.
  • Regular eating fruits also help in the treatment of heart diseases. One should take garlic regularly because it is one of the traditional herbs that are used for regulating the flow of blood in the body. It reduces the discomfort feeling in the chest and acts an anti-coagulant that thins the blood.

Precautions for senile heart

Some lifestyle changes also help to prevent weakness of the heart. Some precautions that people may take to prevent weakness of the heart are given below:

One should go for a regular exercise. Exercise helps to regulate the flow of blood through the blood vessels. Exercise also helps to strengthen the muscles of the heart and increases the overall health. It is seen that people who exercise regularly feel healthier than the people who do not involve themselves in simple exercises.

Another method to prevent heart disease is to eat healthy diet. It is very important that one should take proper diet to manage the normal functioning of the heart. People with increasing age should decrease the intake of fats and should take more proteins and minerals to regulate the functioning of the heart muscles.

Alcohol should be avoided as it may lead to early weakness of the heart muscles.

Smoking should be avoided as it causes early degenerative changes in the heart.

One should drink more water to eliminate the toxic substances from the heart.

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