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Essentia InfantiaThere are different stages of growth and development of infants. After the birth, your child may lose weight but after 2-3 weeks, it starts gaining weight. When your child reaches the age of six months, its weight becomes double it birth weight. The child gains weight at the rate of five kilograms per year. Every child has a different growth pattern due to difference in the nutrition. Some children grow as per schedule whereas some children do not show proper sings of growth and development. There are many factors that determine the growth and development of infants. The diet needs of an infant changes with age. The need of nutrients increases as the child grows. Parents should give a healthy diet to their infant for proper growth and development. Parents should choose different foods to provide adequate nutrition to their child. Infants should be given healthy food from the early years of life to prevent them from diseases. Some children do not get proper nutrition in their early life and due to this they suffer from several diseases when they grow up. Milestones get delayed in children when they do not get proper food and nutrition. Parents have to take several steps for child cares so that they may have proper functioning of all body parts.

Parents should remain cautious and have proper knowledge about the proper growth of children. They should see if their child does not show proper development of milestones. They should contact a child specialist if they notice any disordered growth.


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Causes of growth failure in children

There are several factors that are responsible for causing stunted growth in children. Some of the important causes that may lead to growth failure in children are:

Children who are born to parents having short stature may have stunted growth. They have a tendency to develop short stature. They have normal growth of bones but have short stature due to hereditary reasons.

Some children fail to grow normally due to constitutional defects. They have normal growth during the first year of life but suddenly their growth slows down.

Insufficient and imbalanced diet is the most important cause of stunted growth in children. Nutritional deficiencies result in low birth weight. It is mostly seen in poor fed infants and it is mostly related to poverty.

Certain chronic diseases may also be responsible for causing a failure in proper growth and development. Children who are born to diabetic mothers may also suffer from infantile diabetes and may have stunted growth.

There are some genetic disorders that may also cause growth failure. Genetic disorders include Turner’s syndrome and Down syndrome. This occurs due to insufficient production of the growth hormone.

Other endocrine disorders such as thyroid disorders or imbalance of thyroid hormones may also causes disruption in normal growth.

Symptoms of growth failure

Children having growth failure may include the following symptoms:

  • There is disruption in the child’s height, head circumference and weight. The child will not show proper growth of these milestones as required for the age.
  • There is slow development of the physical skills such as walking, standing, sitting or rolling.
  • The child is not active socially or mentally.
  • The child may not interact properly during the early years of growth of development.
  • Bones are weak and child has a tendency to fall down when it tries to stand or walk.
  • As the child grows, there may be defects in vision. Children having stunted growth may show signs of poor vision.

Tonic for kids

There are many products available in the market that may help in the proper growth and development of the infants. Essentia Infantia is a combination of homeopathic remedies that is an excellent tonic for kids. This homeopathic product provides essential nutrients to the child for proper growth and development. It may be given at any stage for normal growth and development in infants. The important homeopathic remedies found in Essentia Infantia are natural and help in providing proper nutrition to the body cells for normal functioning.

Essentia Infantia is an excellent homeopathic product for child cares. Children who fail to show normal growth as per age should take this homeopathic product for development of bones. It is an excellent product that supplies essential minerals for increasing the strength of bones. It provides calcium and phosphorus for the proper development of body. It helps in maintaining normal body structure. It is recommended that children who fail to grow normally should take this homeopathic product for proper development of bones. Essentia Infantia contains useful homeopathic remedies that are recommended for poor growth in children. Essential Infantia is a useful tonic for kids that help parents for proper child cares. This product may be given regularly for proper growth of children.


It is recommended to give one tablet three times in a day.

Home remedies for stunted growth in children

If proper nutrition is given to children, then it may help to grow normally. Children having poor growth and development should be given a balanced diet to supply essential nutrients to the body. Some important home remedies for proper growth and development of children are:

  • A diet rich in all the essential nutrients including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins should be given to children with stunted growth.
  • Children should be involved in some exercise or game. It helps to increase the strength of the bones.
  • Yoga also helps in proper growth and development of the children. Children who are weak should do some yoga everyday to remain fit and healthy.
  • Milk is essential for absorption of vitamin D and it is an essential mineral required for the growth and development of bones. Children who are weak should be given dairy products to increase the bone development.
  • Mothers should do massage of the babies because it helps in proper circulation of the blood to all parts of the body.
  • Exposure to sunlight is very important during the early years of life because sunlight supplies vitamin D to the body.

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