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CalciokindCalcium is an essential mineral for bone formation. Children and women require more calcium. Children require calcium for proper bone formation and for increasing the strength of the bones. Women also require calcium to increase bone density. Pregnant women require more calcium due to increased needs. During menopause also women require more calcium because large amount of calcium is lost and women suffer from bone pains. Calcium is a natural mineral that is found in milk but sometimes inadequate absorption of calcium in the blood may lead to bone diseases. Children who do not drink milk may suffer from bone diseases early in life and prone to fractures. Vitamin D is necessary for the proper absorption of calcium. Sun is a natural source of vitamin D and children and women should expose to sunlight for sufficient period for proper absorption of the calcium in the body. Some children cannot drink milk due to lactose intolerance. They have a milk allergy and this may also lead to deficiency of the calcium. Other calcium supplements should be included in the diet to cover the deficiency o the calcium.

Signs of calcium deficiency

Calcium is the most important mineral that is required for bone formation and teeth formation. Some of the important signs of calcium deficiency are:

  • People having deficiency of calcium suffer from regular muscle cramps. There is pain in the thighs, arms and legs on moving. Bones become weak and people suffering from calcium deficiency may have frequent fractures. There may be pain in the bones of different body parts. In children deficiency of calcium may lead to rickets and in adults it may cause osteomalacia. Bones bend and become weak.
  • Calcium is an important mineral that is required for proper formation of teeth. Deficiency of calcium may lead to tooth decay. In children, eruption of teeth may be delayed due to deficiency of the calcium. Deformed teeth formation occurs in children who suffer from calcium deficiency.
  • Insomnia is another important sign of calcium deficiency. People who do not take adequate amount of calcium in diet may suffer from loss of sleep.
  • We need calcium for proper growth and formation of nails. Deficiency of calcium can also lead to weak and brittle nails. People having calcium deficiency will also suffer from dry skin. Skin becomes rough and scaly.
  • Women having low calcium suffer from increased cramps during menstrual flow of the blood. Women having low calcium often complain of bone pains during menstrual periods.


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Calcium deficiency treatment

Generally calcium supplements are recommended for people suffering from calcium deficiency. Regular intake of calcium supplements may cause an over dosage and may produce other side effects. Natural therapies including homeopathic remedies help in calcium deficiency treatment without producing any side effects.


It is an excellent homeopathic product for calcium deficiency treatment. It consists of calcium in the natural form that does not produce any side effects. Calciokind is an effective homeopathic product that helps in the proper assimilation of the calcium. It improves the calcium metabolism and enhances the immune system for proper absorption of the calcium. Important ingredients of calciokind are:

Calcarea carbonica: It is an important homeopathic remedy that is indicated for children who look weak and sluggish. Children who develop slowly and have delayed milestones are given calcarea carb. It supports the formation of bones and also strengthens the body immunity. It helps in the proper growth and formation of bones.

Calcarea fluorica: This is another homeopathic remedy for weak bones treatment. It provides necessary calcium to the bones for proper growth. It is indicated for children who suffer from cough and cold and have delayed dentition. It is indicated for hoarseness of the voice. Calcarea flour helps in proper assimilation of the calcium.

Calcarea phosphorica: This homeopathic remedy is best for weak bones treatment. It is indicated in women who suffer from pain in the bones. It promotes formation of new cells and improves digestion. It is the best calcium supplement that does not produce any side effects.

Sulphur iodatum: It is a great homeopathic remedy which is indicated for weak children. It is an excellent remedy for children who have deformed bones. This helps in the proper absorption of the calcium and increases the strength of the bones.


It is recommended to give two tablets three times in a day.

Home remedies for weak bones treatment

Home remedies or natural treatment greatly helps in calcium deficiency treatment. Some of the important home remedies that may help in proper absorption of the calcium are:

  • Dairy products such as curd, paneer, buttermilk are best sources to calcium intake in diet. These help in restoring the calcium loss.
  • Green leafy vegetables greatly help in increasing the blood calcium level. Green leafy vegetables provide adequate amount of calcium.
  • Take one half litre of water and boil it. Add one teaspoon of honey and two teaspoon of lemon juice. Drink it every day at night to increase the calcium absorption.
  • Soybean is also an excellent home remedy for calcium deficiency. Consume soybean and its products everyday to complete the deficiency of calcium in the diet.
  • Sesame seeds are also useful because they are rich sources of calcium. Eat one or two teaspoon of sesame seeds daily to improve calcium deficiency.
  • Take one glass of boiling water and add one teaspoon of cumin seeds in it. Strain the mixture and drink two times in a day. This gives quick restoration or normal calcium levels in the blood.
  • A fruit such as banana is an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus. Consume one or two bananas daily to supplement the calcium.
  • Do not consume too much fat in diet as it may disturb the absorption of calcium in the body.
  • Expose about one or two hours to the sun daily so that you may get proper vitamin D for absorption of the calcium.
  • One should do yoga exercise to strengthen the bones. Exercise and regular walk is necessary for proper development of bones.

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