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MULLEIN OILEar pain can occur due to several reasons. It may occur due to some problem in the ear or any other organ to which your ear is connected. The actual cause of ear pain may be detected by the doctor on examination. It may occur due to a foreign body in the ear or due to some infection in your ear. If there is no problem detected in your ear then the doctor should examine the nearby structures such as throat, mouth, and nose. Human ear is divided into three parts, external ear, middle ear and internal ear. Problem may occur in the internal ear and extend outwards or it may travel from outwards to inwards. People of all age groups may suffer from ear problems. It is very important to visit the specialist if you do not get any relief from pain within few days. If pain continues for some days then you should contact the ENT specialists to get your disease diagnosed properly. In medical terms pain in ears is termed as otalgia. Some people suffer from hard hearing after suffering from otalgia for a long time.

Important causes of otalgia

Some of the important causes or conditions that may lead to pain in ear are:

  • Infection of the external ear: The most common cause of ear pain is infection of the external ear. There may be redness and swelling on the ear canal due to infection. It may occur as a result of ear piercing, some insect bite or any other cause. Patient will complain when the examiner pulls the external ear.
  • Another important cause of pain in the ear may be infection of the middle ear. In children or people suffering from chronic health problems such as diabetes the condition may be worse due to weak immune system.
  • Another important cause of pain in the ears is foreign bodies. Any foreign body present inside the ear is visible to the examiner. It can be easily removed by the doctor by using a forceps. Sometimes children may complain of ear pain due to accumulation of ear wax.
  • Any change in external pressure can also result in pain in the ear. This is observed in people during scuba diving, while travelling to hill station or when going in an aeroplane. The pressure may decrease on its own.
  • Sometimes, pain may extend from throat, nose into the ears. It is called as referred pain. People suffering from recurrent respiratory infections may complain of recurrent pain in the ear too.
  • Any injury or trauma to the ear can also result in severe pain.


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Otalgia treatment

If pain is not very severe then it can be treated by using homeopathic ear drops. Mullein oil ear drops are suitable for people suffering pain in the ear or hard hearing. This is an excellent homeopathic product that may be used for otalgia treatment. It is made up of natural ingredients and do not produce any side effects. It is a wonderful remedy for otalgia treatment and gives quick relief from pain in the ear. It is an excellent ear drops for ear wax. These ear drops for ear wax may be used in children as well as in adults. Hard hearing can also be treated by using mullein oil ear drops regularly. Ear drops help to lubricate the ear and reduces pain and wax from the ear. Mullein oil ear drops consist of the following homeopathic remedies:

Hypericum (St John’s wort): IT is an excellent homeopathic remedy for nerve pain. If pain in the ear is due to nerve affection or trigeminal neuralgia then it is the best remedy. It gives relief from pain naturally by preventing the stimulation of the trigeminal nerve.

Calendula: This homeopathic remedy is indicated if pain in the ear is due to any injury or trauma. It helps in reducing the pain naturally without producing any side effects. It is an excellent homeopathic otalgia treatment. It helps in healing of the injury quickly and gives relief from pain.

Verbascum (mullein): This is the main ingredient present in the mullein ear drops. Mullein helps in lubricating the ear and prevents any infection and pain. This is the best homeopathic remedy for any kind of infection present in the ear. You may use this homeopathic remedy to prevent recurrent infection of the ear.

Allium (garlic): This is a natural ingredient for preventing ear infections. Garlic is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is used for preventing recurrent infection of the external and middle ear. People who suffer from infective diseases should use garlic in diet to prevent infection.


Put one or two drops in the affected ear two or three times in a day.

Home remedies for Otalgia

To get rid of acute ear pain, you may also use the following home remedies. These are absolutely safe and may be prepared easily by using the natural ingredients available at home:

  • Olive oil is an excellent home remedy for getting rid of ear pain. You can put one or two drops of lukewarm olive oil in the affected ear to get immediate relief from pain.
  • Take one tea spoon of minced garlic and heat along with two table spoon of sesame oil. Filter the oil and cool it. Put one or two drops in the affected ear two or three times to get relief.
  • Onion is an excellent home remedy for pain in the ear. Take a medium sized onion and crush it properly. Put it in a clean cloth and keep it on the affected ear for ten minutes. Repeat this process four five times to get relief from ear pain.
  • Take some basil leaves and grind them properly. Warm it lightly and instil one or two drops of basil juice in the affected ear.
  • Mustard oil is also an effective home remedy for getting rid of earache. Warm the mustard oil and allow it to cool and put one or two drops to get relief from aching pain in the ear.

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