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Mullein Ear DropsThere are many ear problems that may cause difficulty in living a normal life. One has to take proper ear care to live a normal life. Ear wax is a natural substance produced by our body to protect the ear from harmful foreign substances. Ear wax helps to prevent the entry of harmful substances deep inside the ear. Some amount of ear wax may move out when you chew or eat anything. It may reach the outer part of your ear from where it may dries off or falls off. Ear wax is important to keep your ear healthy as it lubricates your ear and also provide protection against bacteria and other harmful organisms. Sometimes there is excessive formation of ear wax which may block your ear and interrupts in normal hearing. It is important to remove ear wax from the ear to clean and clear the passage so that you may hear properly. It is very important to clean our ears regularly to maintain normal hearing. If ear wax gets impacted in the passage of ear then you may feel difficulty in hearing.

Causes of ear blockage

There are many other causes of ear blockage other than ear wax. Some other causes of ear blockage are given below:

When a person tries to clean the ear by using a cotton bud then the cotton may reside inside your ear and get impacted inside your ear. This may block your ear. The wax may be pushed further inside your ear which obstructs the ear passage.

People who use hearing aids may suffer from ear blockage because hearing aids may push the excessive ear wax further deep inside the ear canal and cause blockage. There is difficulty in draining the excess earwax in people who use hearing aids.

Advancing age can also cause blockage of ear due to excessive formation of ear wax. There is dryness of the ear due to which there is increased production of ear wax. It becomes hard to clean the ear regularly as person becomes old which may lead to obstruction of ear passage.

In children, infection of throat may be a common cause of ear blockage. There is a common passage of ear, throat and nose and severe infection of the throat may cause blockage of the ear due to excessive formation of the mucus in the chest and throat.

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Homeopathic ear drops

Mullein ear drops are homeopathic ear drops that help to remove the wax naturally from your ear. This ear drops is made up of natural homeopathic remedies which are absolutely safe and do not produce any harm to your ear. You may put mullein ear drops regularly to prevent ear obstruction. This is the best ear drops that provide protection to the formation of excessive ear wax in your ear. It helps to remove ear obstruction that may have caused by excessive ear wax. Mullein ear drops are the best ear drops because it helps to remove the foreign particle and gives relief from pain. Mullein ear drops is the best homeopathic ear drops that consist of the following homeopathic remedies:

Mullein flower extract: This is the best homeopathic remedy that provides protection against harmful microorganisms. It prevents recurrent ear infection. It helps to stop the excessive formation of ear wax. It is also a useful remedy for earache and other problems of the ear.

Acidum benzolcum: This is a natural homeopathic remedy that prevents the recurrent ear infection. It prevents the entry of any foreign substance in your ear. It also helps to remove the ear wax naturally. It helps in draining out the ear wax naturally from your ear. This is the beat antiseptic for your ear infections.

Acid boracicum: This is another useful homeopathic remedy for ear infections. This homeopathic remedy prevents the formation of ear wax and also helps in draining out the excess wax from your ear. It gives relief from pain and irritation in the ear that may occur due to obstruction of the ear canal. It helps to prevent the recurrent ear infections naturally.

Acid carbolicum: This is another homeopathic remedy that provides excellent results for the people suffering from ear problems. It removes the blockage of the ear and helps in proper hearing. It stops the production of ear wax and gives you relief from pain and itching inside the ear. It is a good homeopathic remedy for ear obstruction.

Precautions to prevent ear problems

You may take some precautions to prevent ear problems. Some important and useful tips for preventing ear problems are given below:

Clean your ear with great care. Do not use any sharp object to clean your ear. You may visit a doctor for cleaning the excessive wax from your ear.

Do not expose your ear to loud music or sound as it may damage the ear drum and affect normal hearing.

You may also use a warm water bottle to reduce pain in the ear. It helps to reduce pain and inflammation regularly.

Tea tree oil may also be beneficial for reducing the inflammation of the ear. It has anti bacterial properties and helps to prevent recurrent ear infections.

You can also use warm mustard oil to reduce the pain and infection of the ear. Warm some amount of mustard oil and allow it to cool. Then put one or two drops in the affected ear so that you may get best results.

You can also use olive oil to get rid of pain and inflammation of the ear. Warm olive oil and put one drop in the affected ear after it gets cool.

Onion juice is also a useful remedy for ear problems. You can take out juice from a medium sized onion and put it in your ear. It helps to remove the wax out of your ear naturally.

Never use any sharp object to clean your ear. It may cause an injury to the ear. Always use a soft ear bud to clean ear or go to the doctor for taking proper treatment.

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