Enukind For Bedwetting in Children

EnukindBedwetting in children is a common problem. Children wet the bed during early years of life as a part of potty-training. It is found normal if children wet the bed till they reach four or five years of age. In some cases, even if a child wets the bed till seven years of age it is not considered to be a problem. It may happen due to weakness of the muscles or slow development in children. If bedwetting persists till the age of ten years, then parents should consult the physician to get the right diagnosis and treatment. There may be two types of bedwetting. One is primary bedwetting and the other is secondary bedwetting. In primary bedwetting, the child does not have any control over night time bedwetting. In secondary bedwetting, the child may remain dry for few days or months and then may show symptoms of bedwetting for few days. It is recommended to determine the cause of secondary bedwetting and consult the physician to find the right solution of the problem. Some children are very sensitive and do not discuss the problem with their parents and parents fail to notice the problem. Therefore, parents should be cautious as their child is growing. For good bladder control, there should be a proper communication between brain and bladder muscles, nerves and sphincter.

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Bedwetting causes

There are number of causes responsible for bedwetting in children. Some of the common bedwetting causes include the following:

Heredity: In some children, bedwetting runs in families. If parents also wet the bed in their childhood, the chances become more for a child to wet the bed or follow a similar pattern. There are certain genes that are associated with bedwetting. Such children may stop wetting the bed at the same age as their parents did.

Some children have small size of bladder who also suffers from bed wetting. Constipation is one of the important causes for bedwetting in children. There is a pressure on the bladder due to full bowel.

Urinary obstruction or urinary tract infection can also lead to bedwetting in children.

In some cases, the message to the brain does not reach on time due to less development of the brain functions. Hormonal imbalance such as insufficient production of anti-diuretic hormone can also causes bedwetting.

Stress is an important factor that plays an important role in causing bedwetting in children. There are many reasons that may cause stress in children such as conflict between parents, entry to the school, abused by someone, arrival of new child, etc.

Symptoms of bedwetting

Children suffering from bedwetting feel nervous and anxious

They may wet the bed 3-4 times in a month.

They do not like to interact with people as they feel anxiety and shame on their act

They are fearful and do not want to discuss their problem with anybody.

Such children do not want to go on trips or attend parties.

Treatment for enuresis

Generally, no treatment is recommended for bedwetting in children. It is observed that bedwetting resolve with time. But in some children, bedwetting continues for a long time and some treatment for enuresis has to be taken.


This is a homeopathic remedy for enuresis. It consists of best homeopathic medicine for bedwetting in children. Enukind is an effective treatment for enuresis. The homeopathic medicines for bedwetting in children found in this product are useful and effective for enuresis.

Ferrum phos: This is an effective remedy for muscle weakness. It is also indicated when children suffer from fever along with bed wetting. It is a suitable remedy for weak and feeble children.

Atropinum: This is one of the best homeopathic medicines for bedwetting in children who experience frequent and scanty urination at night. It helps by giving strength to the bladder muscles. It prevents nocturnal enuresis by increasing the strength of the muscles.

Acidum phosphoricum: This homeopathic remedy is indicated for children who suffer from enuresis due to mental stress or any other psychological problem. It is one of the best remedy for nervous children.

Kreosotum: It is recommended for children who urinate in the first part of night. Children may have dream of urinating. There is weakness of the bladder muscles and the urine passed by the child is offensive.

Staphysagria: This remedy is indicated for nervous children. There is urinary tract infection and it may result in frequent urination at night. The child is unable to retain urine and wet the bed. This remedy is indicated for children who suffer from mental stress.

Petroselinum sativum: It is indicated when there is weakness of the muscles that control the bladder. It helps to improve the control of bladder and thus gives relief from bedwetting.

Tabacum: It is recommended when bedwetting occurs due to weakness of the sphincter. This remedy helps to increase the strength of the bladder and support normal functioning of the urinary tract. It enhances the muscle and brain coordination and helps in the treatment of bedwetting.

Home remedies for enuresis

Some of the important home remedies for enuresis are given below. These home remedies may help to prevent bedwetting in children naturally.

  • Jaggery is a good remedy for bedwetting. You may give a small piece of jiggery with one glass of warm milk in the morning to produce warmth in the body.
  • Roast one teaspoon of celery seeds and sesame seeds with one pinch of rock salt and give it in the morning to reduce bedwetting in children.
  • Take one cup of warm milk and add half tea spoon of mustard seed powder to it. Give this milk about one hour age to your child at night before going to bed to solve the problem of bedwetting.
  • Cranberry juice is found to be an effective home remedy for bedwetting. Give one cup of cranberry juice every night about one hour before going to bed to treat the bedwetting in your child.
  • Give half teaspoon of amla powder with one pinch of black pepper every night before going to bed. It is a useful and popular home remedy for the treatment of enuresis.
  • You can ask your child to chew a bark of cinnamon to get rid of bedwetting.
  • Banana is an excellent fruit that helps in the treatment of bedwetting. Give two to three bananas everyday to your child for getting rid of bedwetting problem.

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