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Home remedies for child development

Development of child takes place in stages. For the first few years of life development takes place very rapidly. Child development slows down after first few years of life. In some children, there is slow development due to improper nutrition and exercise. There are many other factors that may cause slow baby growth. There are different child development stages. If proper development of your child does not take place in these stages, you should consult a doctor. Some useful home remedies for baby growth and proper child development are given below. You may give these home remedies to your child for proper baby growth:

  • Try to give a balanced diet to your child. Avoid giving junk food very often. Junk food is high in calories and can cause obesity in early years of life. Give different fruits and green leafy vegetables to provide proper nutrition to your child.
  • Give one or two bananas everyday to your child. Bananas are rich in magnesium and phosphorus and helps in building up the bones and teeth.
  • Add milk products in the diet because milk is useful for providing calcium and other minerals to the body.
  • Physical exercise is very important for proper child development. Children should play any kind of sport to build up the strength of muscles and bones.
  • Fruits such as orange, papaya are rich in vitamin C and help to boost up the immunity. Papaya is very useful for children who suffer from digestive disorders.
  • Yoghurt is also a good source of minerals. Children suffering from digestive problems should be given yoghurt to boost up immunity and to prevent digestive disorders.

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Homeopathic remedy for child growth

Children who are weak and do not grow properly can be given homeopathic remedies for proper development. Homeopathic remedies are safe and may be given regularly for boosting up the immunity and for proper child development. You may give homeopathic medicine during all child development stages. Gro Up is an excellent homeopathic remedy for proper child development. It consists of useful homeopathic remedies that help in boosting up the bone and muscle strength. Gro Up drops are useful for baby growth at any development stage. These homeopathic drops help in the proper physical, mental and psychological development of a child.

Dosage: 5 drops may be given by mixing with four teaspoons of water, two times in a day.

Development of children takes place in different ways. Development means overall development of a child. A child develops physical, social and intellectual changes during different stages of development. There may be difference in height, weight, and physical structure of a child. There are many factors that play role in the development of a child. Child development means capability of a child to do different things as they grow older. Growth refers to the increase in size of body and weight. Child development is specific to age. Every child is different and development stages may also differ from child to child.

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