natural home remedies for ear care

Mullein Ear Drops

Do you want to know how to cure ear infection naturally? You can try the natural home remedies for ear care. Home remedies are safe and effective and help to cure ear problems naturally. There are no side effects of using the natural home remedies for ear care. You can use the following home remedies for natural ear care:

  • Olive ear helps to prevent ear infection. It lubricates your ear and helps to get rid of dryness and pain of the ear. You can put one or two drop of slightly warm olive ear in the affected ear to get the best results.
  • Ginger is an excellent home remedy for ear infection. It has anti-inflammatory properties. It also provides relief from pain. You can crush a small piece of ginger and add one teaspoon of olive oil. Warm the mixture slightly and put one drop in your ear. It provides you quick relief from earache.
  • Garlic is also an important home remedy that is easily available at home. You can crush garlic pods and extract its juice. You can put one teaspoon of sesame oil in the garlic juice. Heat the mixture and let it cool. You can add one drop of the mixture in your ear to lubricate the ear and get rid of ear infection naturally.
  • Onion juice is another useful home remedy for the ear care. Take one small onion and extract its juice. Put one drop of the onion juice in your ear. It provides relief from the recurrent ear infection and also helps to give relief from pain.
  • Clove oil is also a wonderful home remedy for ear problems. You can put a drop of clove oil in your ear. It gives you quick relief from the earache.
  • Mustard oil is also a very useful home remedy for ear care. Heat one or two teaspoon of mustard oil and let it cool. Put one drop of mustard oil in your ear to get relief from pain.

Homeopathy ear drop

SBL Mullein Ear Drops is a homeopathy ear drop that helps to take ear care. It is made up of safe and effective homeopathic remedies that give quick relief from ear infection. Mullein ear drops are very useful in draining out the pus or mucus. Mullein ear drops are very useful for ear problems as it gives relief from pain and other signs and symptoms. Regular use of the SBL Mullein Ear Drops also prevent from recurrent ear infections. You can put one or two drops of this product to get rid of earache. It consists of the following homeopathic remedies:

  1. Benzoic acid: It helps to prevent recurrent attacks of earache in children due to infection of the middle ear. It is a natural homeopathic ingredient that helps to clean your ear and helps to remove wax from the ear.
  2. Carbolic acid: It is useful in every case of middle ear infection and it does not produce any infection. It is a very good remedy to remove wax from the ear and helps in clear hearing.
  3. Mullein flower extract: It not only helps to treat earache but it is also found to be effective for other diseases of the ear. It helps in treating all kind of infections of any part of the ear.
  4. Chloroformium: It is a wonderful ingredient that provides relief from earache. It also lubricates the ear and prevents from recurrent ear infection. It is also a very good homeopathic remedy for partial loss of hearing.

Dosage and mode of administration

Put one or two drops of this homeopathy ear drop in the affected ear two or three times in a day to get quick relief from pain and infection.

Ear problem

There are different types of ear problems that may affect the people of all ages. Children are readily affected by ear problems due to recurrent respiratory infections. In children, earache may be caused due to diseases such as middle ear infection, whopping cough, measles, mumps, etc. All these lead to pain in the ear. Hearing impairment may occur with recurrent infection of the middle ear. The most common cause of ear infection is recurrent respiratory infection. Recurrent infection can lead to partial loss of hearing or permanent hearing loss due to damage to the tympanic membrane of the ear.

Symptoms of ear problems

Important symptoms that may occur due to ear problems are:

  • Fever may be present due to middle ear infection
  • Pain is the most common symptom and person is not able to lie down on the affected side due to pain in the ear. The pain may also extend to the head.
  • In cases of middle ear infection some fluid may be present in the ear and it may ooze out of the ear.
How to cure ear infection naturally?

Ear problems can also be prevented by taking proper ear care. A few tips are given here that can help to prevent ear problems:

  • Regular clean your ear by taking proper care. Avoid using a sharp object to clean your ear. It is best to visit an ENT specialist for regular cleaning of the ear.
  • Avoid staying in a place where there is loudness of sound. It can affect the ear drum and can harm your normal hearing ability.
  • Take care when taking bath. Avoid putting any water into your ear as it can aggravate the infection of the middle ear.
  • Always use a soft ear bud to clean your ear. Parents should take care of their children and use soft ear buds to clean the ear of their children.

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