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Zerogrype DropsColic is a common problem in babies of 4-6 weeks of age. Colic is of varying degrees in all babies. There is a stage when babies become fussy. Babies cry for a long time when they are considered to be colicky. Some babies may suffer from intestinal gas as well. Some babies cry due to overfeeding or others may suffer due to hunger. Your child may also suffer from colic due to fear or some excitement. If your baby may see any horrified object or person in front of it, then it may cause colic in your child. Colic goes away by itself. As your child reaches up to the age of 12 weeks then colic may go away. If it still persists then you should consult a child specialist to get the right diagnosis. Colic is not a serious condition as it occurs in almost all the babies. It is important to determine the underlying cause of the colic so that you may find the quick and right solution to treat the problem.

Possible causes of colic

Some possible causes of colic in babies are:

When a child feeds on breast milk then certain foods eaten by mother may affect the child. There are certain ingredients of your food that may affect your child such as caffeine and chocolate. It is important that nursing mothers should eat nutritious food. Nuts and dairy products should be avoided as such foods may cause allergic reactions in your baby. Breast feeding mothers should avoid foods such as broccoli, cabbage, and other such gas producing foods.

Some babies are switched to formulas immediately after birth which may cause problems in baby. Some babies are not able to digest the proteins present in the baby formulas due to which there may be gas formation.

Overfeeding may be a problem for your child. So, feed the baby when required and keep proper time gap between each feed.

Certain medicines taken by breast feeding mothers may affect the child. It is important that breastfeeding mothers should consult the physician before taking any medicine.

Symptoms of colic

Some of the important symptoms by which you may recognize the problem of your child are given below:

Your child may start crying at the same time every day. There is a particular position in which a child always cries. The hands are closed to a fist, legs may be curled up and there is swelling at the abdomen. This situation may last for few minutes to hours.

Baby may stop crying after getting tired or when it passes gas or stool.

Though, your child may show colic, but appetite may be normal and there is normal weight gain.

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Treatment for colic

Generally, no treatment is required for colic and gas. But if you feel that your child is suffering from recurrent episodes of colic and gas then you should give some remedy. Homeopathic remedies are safe and natural for a baby that gives quick relief from gas and colic in children. Zerogrype drops are a wonderful combination of homeopathic remedies for gas. It is a wonderful treatment for colic that does not produce any side effects. Zerogrype drops is a natural gas cures that does not produce any side effects in babies. It is a safe remedy which may be given regularly to a child to prevent any colic and gas in babies. It consists of best homeopathic remedies for gas that provide quick relief to the baby. It is a wonderful gas cures for all children suffering from gas and colic. Zerogrype drops consist of excellent homeopathic remedies for gas.

Home remedies for comforting the baby

You may comfort the child by using certain methods at home. There are several methods that may help to calm your child. One method which is suitable for one child may not be suitable for the other. Some useful home remedies to comfort the baby are:

  • Hold your child in arms as it may give relief to the child. If you hold your child for a longer time in the morning, then your child will remain calm in the evening.
  • Rocking your baby is another way of calming the child. Hold your baby and rock slowly as it gives comfort to the child. It may help your baby to pass gas.
  • You may sing some baby songs to give comfort to your child. It is soothing to the child and it may sleep after listening to your voice.
  • You may keep a warm towel or warm bottle on the abdomen as it may give relief from pain and gas in the digestive system.
  • Keep your child in the upright position as it helps gas to move out of the body and reduces digestive disorders in children.
  • Some babies get relief from a pacifier. They feel happy when they have something in their mouth.
  • Sometimes babies feel better when they are given a ride in the car. You may try this with your child. Give a ride in a car to calm your baby.
  • Bottle fed babies may swallow more air which may lead to formation of gas. Thus, you may choose a nipple with a smaller hole so that limited amount of air enters into the body of the baby.
  • Breast feeding mothers should cut down to fried foods, dairy products, and foods that may produce gas as it indirectly affects the health of your child.
  • You may also put your baby in some cradle to calm down. Some babies feel better when they are put in rolling cradle.
  • Some babies get comfort from light sounds. You may use the sound of a fan or a washing machine to provide comfort to your baby.
  • You should carefully watch your child. If you see any blood in the stool or any other abnormal behaviour then it is important to consult an expert physician to get the right advice.

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