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WART AIDWart is a skin disease which is caused by a virus. The virus that causes warts on the skin is called as human papilloma virus. This virus may enter to the body through a break in the skin. Warts are commonly found in people of all ages. There are different kinds of warts. Warts may have different shape and size. Common warts grow most commonly on the hand. They are grey brown in colour and are present on hands. They may be present on other parts of the body as well. Second types of warts that may occur are plantar warts which grow on the soles of the feet. They are hard and thick and may produce pain while walking. Third type of warts is flat warts that grow on the face, arms and legs. They are small in size and are light yellow or brown in colour. Some warts are found around the toenails and fingernails which are called as periungal warts. They affect the growth of nail and have an uneven surface. Sometimes warts are found around the nose, mouth and beard that look like your skin. Warts can easily spread from one part of the body to another. If you touch a wart and then touch another part of the body then wart may grow on that part as well. Genital warts may be transmitted through sexual contact and it is the most common cause of cervical cancer in women.

Symptoms of warts

There are some important signs and symptoms of warts that may help in the diagnosing of the warts. Some important signs and symptoms of warts are:

  • Warts may occur in different shapes and sizes. A wart may be a raised structure or a flat outgrowth on the skin.
  • There is distortion of the skin where warts may develop.
  • Warts present on the feet may cause pain while walking.
  • Warts may affect your appearance and you may feel embarrass. Warts may be round or oval in shape.


Warts are caused by a virus called as human papilloma virus and may spread through skin to skin contact or mainly through the sexual contact.

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How to remove warts?

Conventional system offers surgery or chemicals for removal of warts that may produce side effects. Many people search for natural way to remove warts. They often search for how to remove warts naturally. There are many useful natural remedies that may help in the removal of warts without any surgery or without using any harmful chemicals. You can easily get rid of warts by using homeopathic remedies. Wart Aid tablets are an excellent homeopathic tablets that help to get rid of warts naturally. This is a homeopathic wart remover and quickly helps in getting rid of all signs and symptoms of warts. Wart Aid tablets consist of the following homeopathic remedies that help to get rid of warts:

Causticum: This is an excellent homeopathic wart remover remedy and naturally helps in removal of the warts. It dries the warts which fall off from the skin naturally. Causticum is an excellent homeopathic remedy for removal of the warts. It is often recommend for people suffering from plantar warts. It helps in reducing the itching and burning of the skin. It is a great remedy for removal of the warts naturally from the skin. It also helps in boosting up the immune system.

Thuja: This homeopathic remedy is a wonderful homeopathic wart remover remedy as it prevents the growth and spread of warts to other parts of the body. It helps in boosting up the immunity and stops the formation of new warts. It helps in falling off the warts quickly and also reduces itching and burning. It is a suitable homeopathic remedy for all types of warts.


It is recommended that adults should take two tablets three times in a day and children should be given one tablet three times in a day.

Home remedies for removal of the warts

Home remedies are very useful and effective in the treatment of warts. Some useful home remedies for the removal of warts are given below:

  • Onion is an excellent home remedy for warts. Onion helps in increasing the circulation of blood to all parts of the body and decreases irritation of the skin. Take out juice from an onion and apply it on the affected parts of the skin to get quick relief.
  • Aloe Vera juice is also an excellent home remedy for warts. It successfully helps in removing the warts from the skin. It is an effective skin remedy and you may apply aloe Vera juice on the warts to get rid of them.
  • Do not touch the warts as it increases the chances of spread of infection to other body parts.
  • If you have warts on the soles of feet, then it is important to keep the skin dry. Warts grow rapidly in moist areas of the skin. Always wash your feet and dry them properly. Change your socks every day. Wear comfortable slippers and shoes because tight fitting shoes increase the chances of wart formation.
  • Cut garlic in small pieces and crush it. Apply this crushed garlic on the warts and cover it with a bandage. Garlic helps in reducing the blisters and let it to fall off easily and quickly.
  • Soak cotton in vinegar solution and then apply it on the warts. Keep it on the warts for few hours. It will help in removing the warts naturally without producing any side effects.
  • Take dandelion stem and squeeze out its liquid to apply on the affected part of the skin. It reduces irritation of the skin.
  • Put banana peel on the wart and keep it for some time. It slowly helps in dissolving the wart. You can also apply lemon peel on the wart to dissolve it as quickly as possible.
  • Take unripe papaya and take out thick fluid out of it. Mix this with water and apply on the affected parts of the skin. It gives quick relief from warts.

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